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National Geographic Society
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  • Every Saturday from Nov 12th @ 12:25pm, 11:25am BKK/JKT


Astonishing escapes and daring recoveries. Shocked witnesses and red-faced authorities. These story elements and more comprise the heart-pounding, high-stakes sagas of ANIMAL FUGITIVES. Each hour-long episode will bring to life three stories of animal escapees and their extraordinary, if fleeting, lives on the lam.


  • Animal Fugitives: Chimp Breakout
    What happens when cows get loose on campus? Such stories will be told first hand by the people who've survived their encounters with Animal Fugitives.
  • Animal Fugitives: Rodeo Bull Rampage
    What does a rodeo bull on the rampage and a bear on the loose on a busy street have in common? Watch these Animal Fugitives on tape.
  • Animal Fugitives: Break-In Gator
    When a sheriff responds to a break-in, he's surprised to find the intruder is an 8-foot alligator! Watch these examples of Animal Fugitives.