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  • George Clarke's Amazing Spaces S3

  • Premieres Thursday September 3rd at 9:20pm, 8:20pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo People


In this brand new series of 'George Clarke's Amazing Spaces' architect George is back on the road looking at secret hideaways at the bottom of the garden, space saving retreats, eco friendly bolt holes and re-conditioned vehicles. This series reveals how with careful planning, canny design and a heap of imagination, you can open up a whole world of possibilities and completely change how you live, work and play.


  • George Clarke's Amazing Spaces S3: Ep 1
    George Clarke meets a couple building a magical hideaway for their family. He travels to Kent where a travel-loving couple recreates the classic teardrop trailer with a twist, and in Texas, George meets a man who built a sustainable home into a mountain.
  • George Clarke's Amazing Spaces S3: Ep 2
    George Clarke meets a young couple risking their savings to turn an old airstream caravan into a first home, and he talks to another couple creating a glamping shelter out of a storage container. In Texas, George visits a suburban home decorated in 50,000 cans of beer.
  • George Clarke's Amazing Spaces S3: Ep 3
    In this episode, George Clarke meets motorbike racer Ollie whos fed up with sleeping in the back of a transit van. Now the racer is transforming a double decker bus into a Japanese-style pod hotel.
  • George Clarke's Amazing Spaces S3: 4
    George Clarke meets a couple that has discovered a hidden basement in their new home. They postpone their dream honeymoon to Vegas and spend their savings on an underground casino. George and Will travel to Texas to see a tiny home made from salvaged materials.
  • George Clarke's Amazing Spaces S3: Ep 5
    In this episode George meets a campervan enthusiast couple whove sold their home dropped out of the rat race and are spending £40000 renovating an original split screen van which will become their home on the road. George also meets a glamping enthusiast who, having been wheelchair bound himself after a motorcycle accident, has set about making luxury glamping pods which are accessible to everyone. In Texas, George and Wills road trip has brought them to the state capital of Austin. Where a mother of three has hand built her two bed family home from mud. Back in the UK a garden build continues as George attempts to fulfill a lifelong ambition of building a butterfly house. But with no experience of rearing butterflies he's off to his old friend Jimmy Dohertys farm for some much needed advice.
  • George Clarke's Amazing Spaces S3: Ep 6
    The series continues with George meeting two brothers in their twenties who cant afford to get on the property ladder. Their solution? A £22,000 fire damaged narrow boat that they hope to transform into a luxury bachelor pad. But with just £8,000 left for the refit, they soon have to turn to YouTube tutorials to learn how to do it all themselves.George also meets a police officer from Somerset whos about to give up his handcuffs for fruit scones and Battenberg cake, as he and his wife convert an old campervan and caravan into a mobile, vintage, cream tea business.And in America, George and Wills road trip across Texas takes them to the edge of the desert where they discover a 1950s trailer thats become the centrepiece of an extraordinary build with incredible views.
  • George Clarke's Amazing Spaces S3: Ep 7
    In the final episode of the series George meets a young cheese salesman who dreams of branching out on his own. His plan is to transform a heavily weathered horse trailer he bought for £340 into the ultimate mobile cheese stall and food festival attraction. George also meets a DIY perfectionist, whos hoping to set a new world record by turning a vintage Italian tuk tuk into the smallest ever campervan for him and his two boys. Finally Georges garden build is revealed. Its time to see if hes transformed his unloved narrow strip of back garden into a magical and creative family space his kids will love.