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In Jurassic CSI, dino detective Dr. Phil Manning launches a full-scale investigation to unearth how dinosaurs really looked and lived.

Jurassic CSI goes into the minds, under the skin and inside the bones of the biggest, most impressive beasts ever to walk the planet. Dr. Manning doesn’t stick to convention – or even his own discipline – on his perpetual quest to expand what we know about dinosaurs. With privileged access to some of the world’s most sophisticated technologies – from crime scene 3D mapping technology to an image machine one million times stronger than a chest X-ray – Jurassic CSI challenges long – held assumptions and poses radical questions about our understanding of dinosaurs.


  • Jurassic CSI: T.Rex Trauma
    Paleontologist Phil Manning tries to figure out what made dinosaurs such tough survivors in the rough and tumble world of the Cretaceous. Using industrial engineering, blood research, a Gorgosaurus skeleton and the largest T. rex ever found, Phil investigates how shattered dinosaurs managed to heal so well.
  • Jurassic CSI: Walk Like A Dinosaur
    Armed with a high tech crime scene tool, paleontologist Phil Manning sets out on a journey that takes him to Spain, the Americas and China. His mission: to find out how dinosaurs may have walked... and maybe even how they ran.
  • Jurassic CSI: In Living Color
    Paleontologist Phil Manning journeys around the world to try to determine dinosaur color. Using forensic technology and one of the world's most precise imaging machines, can he find traces of pigment chemistry in one of the world's most valuable dinosaur fossils?
  • Jurassic CSI: Inside T.Rex
    We've heard that T. Rex was king of the Cretaceous. He certainly had the weapons, but did he have the smarts? Bones fossilize but brains don't, so no one really knows what went on inside T. Rex's skull. But what if we could rebuild the brain of T. Rex? Unorthodox paleontologist Phil Manning attempts to unlock secrets hidden inside the brain of T. Rex, and his findings may change the way we think about T. Rex forever …
  • Jurassic CSI: Skin Deep
    What did dinosaurs really look like? Unorthodox paleontologist Phil Manning tries to put scientifically accurate skin on a dinosaur. Using the latest forensic technology, he creates a unique model to bring us closer to understanding how dinosaurs lived and behaved.
  • Jurassic CSI: Supersize
    Giant dinosaurs seemed to defy physical laws to become the biggest land animals ever. Paleontologist Phil Manning will use ultrasound, Finite Element Analysis, some rocket science and the biggest dinosaurs in the world to ask if there are even bigger dinosaurs out there waiting to be to be unearthed.