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National Geographic Society
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  • Every Thursday from Mar 15th at 9:00pm, 8:00pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel

    • Mega Brewery show

      Mega Brewery

      Enter Heineken’s mega-brewery in the Netherlands where more than ten million hectoliters of beer are produced.

    • Welcome to Lego City show

      Welcome to Lego City

      Meet the Lego team that is redesigning the basic building blocks of an iconic Lego police station set.

    • Lego Production show

      Lego Production

      How are they made? Watch as clay sculptures are precisely engineered into Lego pieces.

    • Lego Universe show

      Lego Universe

      In their most ambitious investment, the toymakers faced challenges to create ‘Lego Universe’, an online game for kids...

    • Porsche Panamera show

      Porsche Panamera

      The four-door sports car features a risky design for the classic company.

    • Bottling Bacardi show

      Bottling Bacardi

      The run is bottled using a roller coaster assembly line.

    • BMWX3 Robots show

      BMWX3 Robots

      An army of robots construct the car’s steel skeleton.

    • Ford Engine show

      Ford Engine

      The turbo charged V6 is more eco-friendly than V8 engines.

    • Potato Chips Galore show

      Potato Chips Galore

      A million pounds of potatoes are processed per hour.

    • The Mack Titan show

      The Mack Titan

      Enter the assembly line where the 10-tonne Mack truck is built.