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  • Premieres Wednesday October 16th at 10:00 pm, 9:00pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


Fish biologist Zeb Hogan heads off on another adventure searching for the world's largest fresh water fish. This season will follow him as he looks for everything from mythical giant catfish to the king of the Alaskan rivers, the Chinook salmon. Zeb will travel across the United States, and then he’ll head off to Asia. He’ll work with researchers, fisherman, enthusiasts and eccentrics to find some of the strangest fish we’ve seen yet. Following legends, first eyes accounts and word of mouth, Zeb’s journey won't stop until he discovers the world's true monster fish.


  • Monster Fish 4: Green Goliath
    The Pacific Northwest is known for things that are BIG … the giant redwoods, sweeping coastlines, and massive runs of salmon. But Zeb Hogan is looking for a goliath so elusive, that he'll scour every nook and cranny of the rivers here to find it. He's after the green sturgeon - a monster fish that can grow up to seven feet long, live up to 70 years, and has been on Earth since the days of the dinosaurs. Worldwide, there are over two-dozen species of sturgeon, many of which are dying off at astounding rates. But the green sturgeon swims under the radar… so mysterious and hard to find, that no one really knows how these giants are faring. Zeb joins up with biologists, angling guides, and tribal fishermen to find out.
  • Monster Fish 4: River Shark!
    Zeb Hogan is in Florida, on the bank of the Indian River, investigating stories he's heard about man-eaters living in waterways just like this one. Rumors of big sharks in fresh water, far from the ocean, lead to a suspect- bull sharks. Zeb is skeptical, but eyewitness accounts suggest plausibility. These ancient predators have been spotted in very unlikely places- as far inland as near St. Louis, and more than 2000 miles upriver in the Amazon. To separate fact from fiction, he's teaming up with some of Florida's leading shark experts on a quest to catch a 'river shark' and determine the truth behind their deadly reputation.
  • Monster Fish 4: Giant Catfish
    Zeb Hogan is hitting the road and heading down to the Deep South in search of the truth behind the myth of giant catfish. In the swamps and bayous of the southern U.S. there are widely told stories of catfish the size of a car that can swallow a man whole. Zeb is going all in with a cast of characters only found in the Dirty South to see if there really is any truth to this epic urban legend.
  • Monster Fish 4: Salmonzilla
    Zeb Hogan heads to Alaska to find a legend: a monster run of the world's biggest salmon. But he's got to brave rugged wilderness, icy waters, and hungry bears to do it. Alaska's rivers are teeming with life that influence a multitude of industries and cultures. The various runs of salmon species are vital to the region's economy and lifestyle. Residents and vacationers are thrilled with the prospect of monster salmon runs, which is reflected in their art, food, sport and commerce. Salmon in these parts are regarded as heroes of the water, but of those, only one can be king. Follow Zeb as he navigates shifting runs, regulations and predators in search of the giant kings.
  • Monster Fish 4: Jungle Jaws
    It's a voracious predatory catfish that prowls the rivers of Southeast Asia. Growing up to two meters and weighing over 80 kg, the wallago catfish is a pure carnivore, equipped with formidable jaws and a double band of saw-like teeth, designed to attack. Seeking help from local fishermen National Geographic Explorer and aquatic biologist Zeb Hogan travels to the jungles of Malaysia, where wallago are rumored to swallow monkeys, porcupines and even monitor lizards. From there his search takes him deep into a remote and mysterious part of Indonesian Borneo, home to a tribe once feared for their head hunting practices and a purported haven for wallago.
  • Monster Fish 4: 600 Lb Goldfish
    It's a goldfish the size of a cow, growing up to 600 lbs and 10 feet long. Giant carp is the angler's holy grail, notoriously difficult to catch and lives in just three Southeast Asia's rivers. It's a bizarre monster with a huge head, big mouth and large shiny scales as big as a baby's hand. National Geographic Explorer and aquatic biologist, Zeb Hogan travels to Thailand and Cambodia where carp are revered and valued but also endangered.