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  • Premieres Saturday, April 8th at 10pm HKT, 9pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic


We travel back in time across the entire sweep of human history on a quest to discover the moments that that truly made us modern. Origins embarks on an epic journey to discover the Steve Jobs’ of the past, witness their process of creation, and then place the products of their genius on the proper pedestal. Award-winning feature film directors create the dramatic re-enactments’, and leading Visual Artist John Boswell designs and executes the eye-popping montages that whisk us through history. Origins is a new kind of time travel adventure - a search for the profoundly important ‘New’. The surprising connections between each quantum leap also play an important role in our exploration. Each of these next big things have been identified in consultation with the world's leading authors and scholars in their respective fields. Origins boldly goes where no franchise has gone before to put the past together in such a way that viewers can never look at their future the same way again.


  • Origins: The Journey of Humankind: Spark of Civilization
    We are the Fire Species. This is the story of how fire transformed our biology and carried us from the savannah to the Moon.
  • Origins: The Journey of Humankind: Cheating Death
    Humans are in a constant battle against bugs and viruses. Can the lessons learned in the past help us defeat the modern-day plagues?
  • Origins: The Journey of Humankind: The Writing on The Wall
    Human is the only species that can make voices and ideas heard around the globe through communication. How did we become a race of connectors?
  • Origins: The Journey of Humankind: Progress of War
    We seem to be in a constant state of war. This episode sees how humans used war to end war and how those battles continue to push us into the future.
  • Origins: The Journey of Humankind: Power of Money
    The meaning of money and what we value change as civilization evolves. If modern money is a reflection of who we are, what does it say about us?
  • Origins: The Journey of Humankind: Building The Future
    This episode sees how humans have shaped the world, pushed back against nature and customized it to our needs since the concept of shelter began.
  • Origins: The Journey of Humankind: Into The Unknown
    This episode sees how our primal curiosity has been driving us to risk our lives time and time again in the name of uncovering the unknown.
  • Origins: The Journey of Humankind: The Road Ahead
    We have always wanted to master arth and sky by creating faster, more efficient ways to get from here to there. How did such desire change us?