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  • Every Tuesday of Nov @ 12:25pm, 11:25am BKK/JKT


Crocodiles attacking cattle. Feral buffalos running rampant. Elephants damaging plantations. More than ever, human and animal worlds are colliding, making it increasingly difficult for them to coexist. But one man is working tirelessly to keep the animals, locals and environment out of danger.

Meet Matt Wright, a rugged helicopter pilot turned animal relocation expert on a mission to reset the balance between dangerous animals and people by relocating wildlife. On Nat Geo Wild, Outback Wrangler follows Matt and his trusty canine companion, Nash, as he sweeps over vast territories by helicopter, motorcycle, horse or jeep, often risking life and limb to ensure that wildlife and locals are safe.



  • Outback Wrangler: Croc Swarm
    Join us as we venture into the most dangerous of all places in croc territory - the mother croc's nest.
  • Outback Wrangler: Wild Horse Bust
    Unchecked, horses, known as Brumbies, have become such a pest to the environment and people. How will Matt save them?
  • Outback Wrangler: Flying Crocs
    Watch as Matt goes about setting his traps, slinging them from under his helicopter to help relocate crocodiles.
  • Outback Wrangler: Predator Island
    Follow Matt Wright as he travels to Borneo to help an animal rescue unit manage a problematic croc population.
  • Outback Wrangler: Big Croc
    Matt gets a call from some fishermen who report a large croc is menacing them down on the river.
  • Outback Wrangler: Finnis River Station
    Matt's helping clear out problem crocodiles from his mate Paul's station so he can get on with his cattle work.
  • Outback Wrangler: 48 Hours In The Swamp Part 1
    Matt and the boys have been asked to control the crocodile population in a water system alongside a large cattle station.
  • Outback Wrangler: 48 Hours In The Swamp Part 2
    The giant crocodile Matt has been hunting for has smashed up his traps again.
  • Outback Wrangler: A Truckload of Crocs Part 1
    The Northern Territory's Marty River is home to thousands of cattle and the greatest density of saltwater crocs in Australia.
  • Outback Wrangler: A Truckload of Crocs Part 2
    Time is running out as Matt and the boys continue their quest to catch 30 crocodiles in the Mary River in just one week.
  • Outback Wrangler: A Truckload of Crocs Part 3
    It's the boys' final chance to reach their target of 30 crocodiles in one week up at the Northern Territory's Mary River.
  • Outback Wrangler: Not Today, Not Tomorrow
    Matt is out at the Finniss River Station againand spots one very large crocodile in the paddock where the cattle are heading.