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  • Premieres Tuesday October 7th at 7:45pm, 6:45pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo Wild


Dive into the wild world of ponds with Greg Wittsock, one of the most experienced backyard pond builders in the world. Greg’s goal in life is to completely transform boring backyards and plain public spaces by designing, and installing custom water features, turning these areas into entirely new natural ecosystems. To achieve his goal Greg has assembled a top team of pond construction specialists. Brian Helfrich, his construction manager has built hundreds of ponds and prides himself as being the guy that can tackle any job no matter how complicated. Ed Beaulieu, Greg’s top scientist is an expert in pond ecology whose focus is on creating a water feature that’s both beautiful, and the perfect habitat for both the animals living inside the pond, and the wildlife it draws in. Finally Greg, Brian and Ed have brought on a new guy Chris Hanson, it’s Chris’ job to learn quickly and react fast in the high paced world of backyard remodels, but only if he can keep up with Greg, Ed and Brian. These four larger than life characters tackle entire backyard remodels, rehabs of malfunctioning ponds and even get called in to design and install water features for the oldest zoo in the country. Together the Pond Stars transform people’s yards and lives by reconnecting both of them to the natural world.


  • Pond Stars: Fat Koi Slim
    In the season opener, Greg, Ed, Brian and Chris work to install a giant, natural pond in Tony and Shari Romano's backyard. Tony and Shari want an oasis that connects their suburban home with nature, and a new, larger home for their koi fish. Their koi have grown obese from the incorrect diet that Tony and Shari have fed them so Greg and the crew need to design the perfect backyard habitat, but also to design and build a koi Treadmill so these fish can lose their belly fat. At the same time a new client calls Greg to fix her current pond because it's not deep enough to support the fish that her children would like to have. Instead of fixing her pond Greg rips it out and starts over, transforming a bland backyard into a wild sanctuary perfect for the homeowner and their new koi fish. The guys struggle against deadlines, hit power lines underground, and race to get both projects done but at each step they turn these two backyards into entirely new ecosystems. Finally, Brian and Greg make a high stakes bet where the loser must take a swim in the 50-degree pond at Aquascape's headquarters.
  • Pond Stars: School of Rock
    After long hours, some close calls, and way too much grunt work, the new guy, Chris, is finally put to the test to prove what he's been learning on the job. Tasked to lead a complete backyard makeover for his own company's Marketing Manager, Tony, he's ready to prove he can make the grade in the pond business. Feeling nervous and intimidated by his new roll as the site manager, Chris struggles with bad weather, project setbacks, and constant evaluations. While Chris focuses on protecting his client and coworker's future fish from predatory birds, Ed and Greg take a field trip to a nearby high school to construct a courtyard pond to be used as a perfect outdoor classroom.
  • Pond Stars: Big Bad Wolf
    In this episode the Pond Stars head to the world-renowned Lincoln Park Zoo in the heart of downtown Chicago for two massive projects. First they're taking on the Red Wolf exhibit whose pond has never functioned properly, leaving the water mostly stagnant and choked with leaves. The guys come up with a solution that'll be easy to clean, keep the water constantly filtered and look more natural for the zoo guests. The problem with that solution is their design is a massive overhaul, requiring the full attention of their entire team to get done. While that's going on they also have a small rehab job to do on a water feature at the bird exhibit. Bit this small job turns into a total re-do as the guys have to rip out thousands of pounds of dirt, concrete and metal before they can start redesigning the pond. Buried electrical wires, dangling thousand-pound boulders, and animal-safe build requirements all add up to two difficult projects, and to make matters even harder, the Pond Stars have only 4 days to get it all done.
  • Pond Stars: Welcome To The Jungle
    In this episode of Pond Stars, Greg and the guys head to the sunshine state for two massive pond projects outside of Jacksonville, Florida. The first backyard water feature is for the owner of an arena football team, Larry Payne and his family, who are building one of the team's most challenging designs this year, complete with a 30-foot pond, a 2,000-pound Cypress Tree bench and several tons of beautiful Tennessee fieldstone. Brian feels the pressure when Greg promises the client a brand-new, high-tech underwater koi camera for the family to view their fish from inside on their tv. Now Brian has to track one down and get it to work. For the second project, Marcus Galligan asks Greg and the crew to design and install a new pond, patio and pergola, all before Marcus' wife returns to town in less than 48 hours. With their work cut out for them in Florida the guys have to race the clock, and face construction challenges they've never seen, all while trying to blend two unique backyards with the wetlands and coastal ecosystems surrounding them.
  • Pond Stars: California Streaming
    It's trout or bust for the Pond Stars as they take on two challenging projects in California. The team starts in the mountains where they attempt to replicate a brown trout stream in a client's backyard. But all work comes to a halt when they can't track down brown trout for the pond. As they wait for Greg to find the fish, the guys head to Los Angeles, where they are asked to create a healing garden for a brave cancer survivor.
  • Pond Stars: Turtle Power
    The Pond Stars come out of their shell in Atlanta tackling two wild projects in just five days. Their first job is at an environmental center, creating a pond specifically for rescued turtles. The turtle pond will be used as an outdoor classroom for an upcoming kids' camp, IF the team can finish in time. The second project is for the birds, literally. Greg and his guys build a 35-foot waterfall and underground reservoir that will have wildlife flocking to this suburban backyard.