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  • The Wine Quest: Spain

  • Premieres Friday June 6th at 7:55 pm, 6:55pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo People


Vina Van Veen is a wine, travel and cuisine television show hosted by Rudolph Van Veen. The show's concept features an exploration of a Spanish BODEGA D.O. (Denominación de origen)* where the bodega owner or local town hosts treat Rudolph to local culture, VINO and cuisine and the maridaje (pairing) with food.

Rudolph in turn will create a distinct dish completely different from the recommended local maridajes.

Vino Van Veen is a highly energetic, fun, and enthusiastic cooking.


  • The Wine Quest: Spain: Madrid
    Rudolph Van Veen lands in Madrid, Spain. His wonderous trip begins here, in search of the best pairings. He learns about the wines of the capital anticipating the marvelous experiences he is about to encounter throughout his wine journey.
  • The Wine Quest: Spain: Haro
    La Rioja, one of the TOP appellations or “denominaciones” in the world and with one of the most internationally recognized vinelands, is a main stop for Rudolph. Logroño is Rioja’s “capital”- Rudolph Van Veen overlooks the wine tradition and learns the secrets of a traditional and sacred cuisine that takes us directly to our recipe: “Sarmiento” Lambchops, a simple elegant and most enticing dish. Whilst gliding over the tremendous Rioja landmarks and its vineyards Rudolph Van Veen dreams of his new-to-be recipes. In the midst of landing on the prestigious ground of the famous MUGA, Duck becomes the main delicacy. With this RVV learns all the secrets and principal characteristics of Muga wine grapes.
  • The Wine Quest: Spain: Caballero
    Wines from Jerez are globally renowned. Rudolph Van Veen will visit the top Sherry wine bodega Lustau where he will pair the wines with fresh fish. Ocean and winds play a very important role in both the cuisine and wines of this great region in the beautiful province of Cádiz. Flamenco music, horses, sunshine, the ocean and wine. Sherry is the pure essence and soul of these miraculous southern lands of Spain. Rudolph Van Veen discovers the chimes and charms of a traditional cuisine where two bodies of water pair their currents: the harmonious marriage of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The Wine Quest: Spain: Zorita
    Rudolph Van Veen pays a visit to a famous “hotel”-bodega that used to be the Dominican monastery where Christopher Colombus set base while he prepared his journey into the discovery of the Americas. Rudolph Van Veen will take us back to that splendorous “flight” while discovering the flavours from Valle del Duero and the magic that dwells in Salamanca: City of World Heritage. Stewed Lamb will be the main on this one for our pairing…“maridaje”. The Valley of Duero and Arribes bordering Portugal is a landmark with a long wine culture history. As a matter of fact, the books claim that the vine cultivation was brought to this land by the Portuguese via the Duero River. It is in this very same river where Rudolph Van Veen will cook whilst the warmth of the sunrays slip onto the cliffs. Besides their great wine Rudolph Van Veen will also indulge in an array of great cheeses and of course, the lavish and silky sybaritic “Jamón Ibérico”.
  • The Wine Quest: Spain: Carabal
    We encounter the wealth of the Iberic pig, the pastures of the spirited Spanish bull…The Almendralejo Wine Museum is a must see for Rudolph Van Veen where wine and the most enticing and high quality Iberic pork products meet. Extremadura is precisely what its namesake draws out for us: a land of extremes. Torrid summers and frostbiting winters. One fine yet unique maridaje is found here in this fresh yet rough land. The Banús family has decided to take up the challenge to a higher task creating high-end wines with modern blush utilizing the most innovative and sophisticated technology bringing out the very best from the vines and strains. Rudolph Van Veen will cook on the bodega grounds near the town of Guadalupe.
  • The Wine Quest: Spain: Vihucas
    Don Quixote, the quintessential and most important figure in Spanish literary history accompanies Rudolph Van Veen on his trip to the broadest vineyards in the world - “The Bodega of Europe” - La Mancha. The crossings begin in Toledo, Castilla La Mancha’s capital, where three cultures and religions meet (Christianity, Judaism and Islam). A gastronomic splurge. Rudolph Van Veen will prepare quail breasts next to a windmill…of course. In this episode night vintage is the main protagonist. Rudolph Van Veen will create a classic: the Paella. Rudolph Van Veen will also enjoy a party and savour a feast at the Vihucas Bodega, our splendid La Mancha hostess.