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National Geographic Society
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  • Premieres Sunday, December 16th at 9pm HKT, 8pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic

    • Hard Fishing show

      Hard Fishing

      With the Wahoo fighting a tuna, Hard Merchandise and Fishin' Frenzy battle to catch their own.

    • Raising the Bar show

      Raising the Bar

      The Pin Wheel takes a chance and braves rough waters, while the other boats heed the forecast and hang behind.

    • Tuna Madness show

      Tuna Madness

      The fleet chase the tuna, but the Hard Merchandise seems to reap the rewards.

    • Pop Rocks Tuna show

      Pop Rocks Tuna

      Nick on the Fishin’ Frenzy explains the difference between Carolina tuna when the rod bends.

    • Here They Come show

      Here They Come

      Hard Merchandise and Hot Tuna invade a southern fleet of Bluefin tuna fishermen.

    • Southern Frenzy show

      Southern Frenzy

      Fishin’ Frenzy aims to get on the board with a hook up, but it’s never a catch until the fish is in the boat.

    • Crossing Lines show

      Crossing Lines

      The Southern fleet gives a warm welcome to the Pin Wheel.

    • Winners and Losers show

      Winners and Losers

      First Mate Nick on the Fishin’ Frenzy is one of a kind, but will he be the reason they don’t land a tuna?

    • Green Stick Sabotage show

      Green Stick Sabotage

      The rivalry between Pin Wheel and Hot Tuna continues with more chatter over the radio.