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The highly competitive world of animal sex revealed.

Wild Sex tells the amazing stories and bizarre behaviours that lie behind this universal urge and shows the extraordinary strategies animals use to ensure success in the highly competitive world of sex. For humans, sex is for pleasure, for the continuation of generations, and has served evolutionary purposes. Males and females of the animal world are out for their own benefit. They rely on peculiar sexual strategies to achieve their goals with the risk of violence or death often not very far away. Animals have to find a way around conflict, and seek to satisfy their need to procreate in any way they can. Homosexuality, incest, hermaphrodite sex orgies, and necrophilia, you name it – animals do it. Each episode explores a different aspect of sexual behaviour, from the belligerence of the dominant male and the cunning strategies of the female, to the concepts of group sex and sexual advertising. Wild Sex combines accurate science and informative images to deconstruct and explain the strategies and behaviours used in sex. It reveals the strange but true facts behind animal reproduction.


  • Wild Sex: Macho Males
    Macho Males uncovers the male's penchant for aggression and how his methods of courting and protecting females can be hostile, violent and even fatal.
  • Wild Sex: Femmes Fatales
    Watch how the femmes fatales command the males of the animal world to obey their every whim.
  • Wild Sex: Deviants?
    Learn how asexuals, hermaphrodites, homosexuals, and transvestites are just a gentle introduction into what looks like a sex-crazed animal world.
  • Wild Sex: The Hard Sell
    If animals don't advertise theirs sexuality through strength, they will find other selling point.See how animals go around selling themselves.
  • Wild Sex: Swingers
    Swingers exposes not only the rarity of monogamy in the animal world, but the proliferation of group sex.
  • Wild Sex: Libido
    Sex doesn't just happen,it needs to be motivated. Humans aren't the only ones who get "the urge".Explore what's really driving animal passions.
  • Wild Sex: Femme Fatales
    Watch how the femmes fatales command the males of the animal world to obey their every whim.