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  • Premieres Wednesday March 4th at 9:35pm, 8:35pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo Wild


World's Deadliest examines the most riveting moments of animal predation. Comparing behavioral skills of fighting, survival on land versus water, learned/intuitive hunting skills, and 'most deadly' animals, these four action-packed episodes break down the struggle for survival and supremacy.


  • World's Deadliest S2: Predator Paradise
    Golden sands, warm crystal-clear water, palm trees… it sounds like heaven, but there can be a dark side to paradise. Living in the world's most idyllic places is no holiday for many animals-this is fiercely contested real estate, and the hunting grounds of some truly terrifying and deadly creatures. The world's most exotic destinations can be a Predator Paradise!
  • World's Deadliest S2: Transformers
    In science fiction, lethal morphing Transformers may be a figment of the imagination, but here on Earth, beware, transformers are for real! Whether its to hunt or protect itself against predators, theyre spine-chilling killing machines ready to mutate in surprising and amazing ways. Some of the worlds deadliest animals use their talents to transform in astonishing ways. From color changing to shape shifting, getting fierce, turning up the heat, fooling their prey or simply letting it fly, these animals do anything it takes to survive on Worlds Deadliest: Transformers.
  • World's Deadliest S2: When Prey Attacks
    Our planet's mightiest predators don't always get their own way-the tables can be turned on these mighty hunters when the underdog fights back. An enormous Nile crocodile learns a harsh lesson that hippos aren't to be messed with, and a lion-the so-called "King of the Jungle"-pays dearly after messing with a buffalo. A shark is dispatched by a giant octopus, while a gazelle teaches a cheetah a painful lesson. Other animals find ways of benefiting from their predators' natural weapons-a feisty crab arms itself with stinging sea anemones and in Madagascar, lemurs use toxic millipedes to repel insects and even get high!
  • World's Deadliest S2: Nature's Most Wanted
    This episode welcomes viewers to the deadly world of the most armed and dangerous gangsters, assassins, and con artists of the animal kingdom. A gang of flesh-eating fish take down a river rat; the Bengal tiger shows just how to get the job donealone; ta red-back spider lures, then eats her date; a femme fatale like no other, mama brown bear goes head to head with another bear to protect her young; and a pack of killer whales demonstrate how they live up to their name. Watch and discover how these animals and more earned their spot on World Deadliest: Natures Most Wanted.
  • World's Deadliest S2: Game of Thrones
    This episode welcomes viewers to the deadly world of the most feudal families, almighty monarchs, territorial clans, and awesome armies of the animal kingdom. Holding the crown for the largest land carnivore in the world, polar bears feast like kings, eating all the seals they can. Giraffes go head to head in epic neck jousting battles over lady giraffes; sand-tiger sharkswage wars in utero; and wildebeest warriors get the upper handor hoofin one of the greatest wildlife migrations on earth. Watch how these creatures and the rest of our species duke it out in the Worlds Deadliest: Game of Thrones.
  • World's Deadliest S2: Animal Ninja Warriors
    In the animal kingdom a covert assassin emerged. Lurking in the shadows, ready to pounce at lighting speeds, he searches for his next meal. He fights for survival, battling his foes. He is an animal ninja and possesses the skills to kill: speed, stealth, agility, patience and weapons. In the next hour, the worlds deadliest animals will use their jaw dropping talents to fight to live another day. From stealthy cats to patient seals, giant centipedes to kick-boxing kangaroos, these animals will amaze us all on Worlds Deadliest: Animal Ninja Warriors.
  • World's Deadliest S2: Born To Kill
    Some baby predators must learn hunting from their parents, while others are deadly from the first day they are born. And some deceive their prey or manipulate their brains. In a world where only the strong survive, these babies come out swinging.
  • World's Deadliest S2: War of The Worlds
    The disputed borders between land and water come in many different forms-beaches, riverbanks, swamps and frozen ice. Each is home to its own dramas and conflicts, as aquatic and terrestrial creatures meet and engage in combat. Predators learn to hunt in different elements, and prey must watch for attacks from every direction.