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Are you ready for a truly mind-blowing television experience? The Emmy® Award nominated Brain Games returns with sixteen new episodes, each chock full of interactive games and experiments designed to mess with your mind and reveal the inner-workings of your brain. Host Jason Silva is back and he’s teaming up with some of the world’s foremost neuroscientists and cognitive scientists to get inside your head and show you what’s going on in there. Delving into topics like memory, morality, common sense, money, misconceptions, paranormal, conformity, and the processes between left versus right brain, this season of Brain Games promises to be even more mind-bending, jaw-dropping and illusion-shattering than last season as we turn your mind’s eye inward for a profoundly entertaining and revealing journey of discovery into the three and a half pounds of tissue that makes you… you.


  • Brain Games
  • Brain Games: Stress Test
  • Brain Games: What's Going On?
  • Brain Games: In Living Colour
  • Brain Games: Laws of Attraction
  • Brain Games: Trust Me
  • Brain Games: Brain Games Compilation - Try This at Home
  • Brain Games: Seeing is Believing
  • Brain Games: Power of Persuasion
  • Brain Games: Focus Pocus
  • Brain Games: Motion Commotion
  • Brain Games: Don't Be Afraid
    Our experts examine the brain’s internal tug of war between fear and rationalization. Whether boarding an airplane or walking down a spooky street at night, we’ll see how dread and anticipation build feelings of fear. Putting our host’s emotions to the test, Apollo Robbins challenges Jason Silva to a game of Russian roulette.
  • Brain Games: You Decide
    The human brain makes thousands of decisions a day. With every click of a mouse, turn of a steering wheel and phone conversation, your brain is deciding on something, whether you realize it or not. See how movie theatres take advantage of the way our brains use shortcuts to reduce complex decisions.
  • Brain Games: Use It or Lose It
    All the latest research says that your brain is no different than the muscles in your body: it needs exercise to stay youthful and fit. In this episode, wonder junkie Jason Silva and deception specialist Apollo Robbins are going to put your brain to the test with a serious workout — and if you play along, you will come out with a few unexpected ways to boost your mind’s flexibility, concentration and memory
  • Brain Games: Liar, Liar
    Experts say that we lie anywhere from 20 to 200 times a day, even though most people consider themselves to be truthful. In this episode, host Jason Silva and deception specialist Apollo Robbins break down why we lie and what happens in the brain, even though science tells us that the truth is physiologically and neurologically easier.
  • Brain Games: What You Don’t Know
    We are going to put you through a series of tests to show you how surprisingly little your brain understands about the way the world works. You will be shocked, shaken and left wondering, "how did I miss that?" Think you can explain how a zipper works, or correctly draw something as simple as a bicycle? If you said yes, you might be surprised! From zippers to bikes, host Jason Silva will show us what we really don't know and teach us some surprising facts about our brains along the way.
  • Brain Games: It’s about Time
    Every wonder why a watched pot never boils? See how the brain can actually warp and shift time, giving a false impression of the order and the speed of events. Neuroscientist Dr. Chess Stetson explains the oddball effect using a series of pictures. Images of a kitten flash repeatedly on the viewers’ screen at the same rate, but when an odd-looking creature with fangs pops up, it appears to stay on the screen for much longer.
  • Brain Games: Illusion Confusion
    Most people think that optical illusions are examples of ways our brain is FAILING us. But in this episode of Brain Games, you will learn how optical illusions are a great way of revealing the powerful mechanisms at work that allow your brain to perceive three dimensions. After seeing this, you will never look at the world the same way again! Wonder junkie Jason Silva and deception specialist Apollo Robbins will put your mind through the test with an intricate set of illusions to see how easily your brain can be fooled.
  • Brain Games: Battle of the Sexes
    Seriously … why does it seem like men are from Mars and women are from Venus? Play along as host Jason Silva, with help from a renowned biological anthropologist, reveals how the male and female brain are different and what it means for the wild differences in our behaviour. After some mind-bending gender brain facts, we will put real couples head-to-head and brain-to-brain to see how each gender scores in a series of spatial reasoning tests. Find out why men never seem to ask for directions, why women can stay cool in stressful situations and which gender is better at packing the trunk of a car!
  • Brain Games: Battle Of The Ages
  • Brain Games: Brain Games III - 301
  • Brain Games: In It To Win It
  • Brain Games: Retrain Your Brain
  • Brain Games: Brain Games III - 308
  • Brain Games: Mind Your Body
  • Brain Games: Brain Games III - 310
  • Brain Games: Follow the Leader
  • Brain Games: Brain Games III - 311
  • Brain Games: Food
  • Brain Games: Risk
  • Brain Games: Addiction
  • Brain Games: Language
  • Brain Games: Superstitions
  • Brain Games: Patterns
  • Brain Games: Compassion
  • Brain Games: Anger
  • Brain Games: Battle of the Sexes II
  • Brain Games: Intuition
  • Brain Games: Memory
  • Brain Games: Memory - part 1 - 401A
  • Brain Games: Brain Games - 401
  • Brain Games: Memory - part 2 - 401B
  • Brain Games: Morality
  • Brain Games: Brain Games - 402
  • Brain Games: Common Sense
  • Brain Games: Brain Games - 403
  • Brain Games: Brain Games - 404
  • Brain Games: Money
  • Brain Games: Left vs. Right
  • Brain Games: Brain Games - 405
  • Brain Games: Misconceptions
  • Brain Games: Brain Games - 406
  • Brain Games: Paranormal
  • Brain Games: Peer Pressure
  • Brain Games: Brain Games - 408
  • Brain Games: Brain Games - 409
  • Brain Games: Logic
  • Brain Games: Brain Games - 410
  • Brain Games: Faces
  • Brain Games: Sleep
  • Brain Games: Brain Games - 412
  • Brain Games: Imagination
  • Brain Games: Positive Thinking
  • Brain Games: Perspective
  • Brain Games: Scams
  • Brain Games: Animal vs. Human
  • Brain Games: Brains Behaving Badly
  • Brain Games: The Life of the Brain
  • Brain Games: Life of the Brain
  • Brain Games: Super Senses
  • Brain Games: Meet the Brain
  • Brain Games: The God Brain
  • Brain Games: The Survivor Brain