• No Lava Program

    No Lava

    Bob Madden is on a quest to photograph bright red molten lava in action and recapture the 1975 cover.

  • Helicopter Program


    Bob takes to the sky to get to the top of a lava flow but something is missing.

  • Decisive Moment Program

    Decisive Moment

    Bob gets terrifyingly close to the volcano in search of the decisive moment.

  • Monk Exercise Program

    Monk Exercise

    Ancient monks devised Shaolin Kung Fu as an exercise to strengthen the body and discipline the mind.

  • Shaolin Soul Program

    Shaolin Soul

    In a nation where obedience is a virtue and conformity rules, Fritz struggles to find the soul of Shaolin.

  • Shi Dejian's Mountain Program

    Shi Dejian's Mountain

    On the mountain Fritz learns from the master that Shaolin without Buddha is like a body without a heart.

  • Dr. Bugs Program

    Dr. Bugs

    Nick-named "Dr. Bugs” at school for his insect collection, Mark Moffett grew up to be a real doctor of bugs.

  • Pollination Threat Program

    Pollination Threat

    Everything is important. Moffett wants people to fall in love with the unexpected so that we will protect it.

  • Enduring Voices Program

    Enduring Voices

    The Enduring Voices team documents endangered languages in an attempt to revitalize traditions.

  • Take Two Program

    Take Two

    Time for Take Two as David again attempts to get his perfect Panorama Shot.

  • The Spawning Program

    The Spawning

    David gets intimate with spawning groupers in the hope of capturing something magical.

  • Sinking Ship Program

    Sinking Ship

    The moment of truth as David discovers whether or not his strategically placed cameras captured the sinking Vandenberg.

  • Panoramic Slices Program

    Panoramic Slices

    After a year of planning and weeks in the field, Nick and his team accomplish something never seen before.

  • Carnival Program


    During Rio's Carnival David gets amazing access and finds himself in the middle of the Parade and a melting pot of cultures.

  • Off Limits Program

    Off Limits

    Tensions run high as David ventures into an off-limits Favela in the hope of meeting the Drug Lords.

  • Kampen om at parre sig Program

    Kampen om at parre sig

    Massevis af arter samles på Falklandsøerne for at afslutte deres lange rejse med at parre og formere sig.

  • Livscyklus på 24 timer Program

    Livscyklus på 24 timer

    Døgnfluen bliver født, når overgangsalderen og dør i løbet af bare en enkelt dag.

  • Videnskabeligt blik på Dyrenes store vandring Program

    Videnskabeligt blik på Dyrenes store vandring

    Bag om videnskaben, der beskriver Dyrenes store vandring.

  • På jagt efter monarksommerfugle Program

    På jagt efter monarksommerfugle

    Kamerafolk jagter en monarksommerfugl, der flyver rundt på en eng.

  • Millioner af krabbebørn Program

    Millioner af krabbebørn

    Små røde krabber udklækkes i vandet og sætter kurs mod land - til sidste er Juleøens kyster dækket af små sarte...