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Follow the ensuing investigation and find out how the 'Roselawn' crash became one of the most important accidents in aviation history.Air Crash Investigation shares this account and other stories of astonishing survival and heartbreaking disasters of some of the most tragic air disasters. Plane crashes and near-disasters from around the globe are investigated in meticulous detail, providing a look into what went wrong and if they could have been prevented. These events have helped change aviation safety and brought about some of the most important standard regulations that we know today.


  • Air Crash Investigation: Disaster Runway
  • Air Crash Investigation: The Plane That Flew Too High
    What caused one of the world’s safest aircrafts to drop from the sky and crash into a Venezuelan farm? The investigation into the country’s worst aviation disaster uncovers some terrifying errors.
  • Air Crash Investigation: Bea Flight 609/Munich Air Disaster
  • Air Crash Investigation: Bea Flight 609 Aka Munich Air Disaster
  • Air Crash Investigation: Split Decision
  • Air Crash Investigation: Breakup Over Texas
    Continental Express Flight #2574 Embraer 120 Brasilia On its second routine trip of the morning, Continental Express Flight #2574 is nearing the end of its one-hour flight from Laredo to Houston, Texas. A state-of-the-art Embraer 120 Brasilia, the commute
  • Air Crash Investigation: Turning Point
    Northwest Airlines Flight #85 Boeing 747-400 Northwest Airlines Flight #85 is halfway between Detroit and Japan's Narita Airport. With more than 400 people on board, the Boeing 747 is cruising 35,000 feet above the Bering Sea when suddenly the aircraft lurches violently to the left and begins losing altitude. The pilots manage to level out the plane but have difficulty controlling the crippled and shaking aircraft. After declaring an emergency, they turn around in the hopes of reaching Anchorage, 1300 kilometers away. Nearly two hours later, the terrifying ordeal ends when the plane touches down safely. The skilled pilots have narrowly saved a 747 from a fatal crash. Now it's up to investigators to determine what caused them to lose control of the plane in the first place.
  • Air Crash Investigation: Bad Attitude
  • Air Crash Investigation: Miracle Flight
  • Air Crash Investigation: Air Hijack
  • Air Crash Investigation: Munich Air Disaster