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National Geographic


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  • The Great Divide show

    The Great Divide

    The Caucasian Mountains are a link between Europe and Asia, the highest peaks of this rugged range are well over 5000 metres.

  • Arctic show


    When the winter ends the first polar bear mothers with their young appear from their dens in the snow.

  • The Balkans show

    The Balkans

    The Balkans

  • asd show



  • Disaster Runway show

    Disaster Runway

  • Split Decision show

    Split Decision

  • Fight Science show

    Fight Science

    Fight Science

  • Kamchatka show


    On the peninsula of Kamchatka in Russia’s Far East is a dramatic landscape, Stellar’s Sea Eagles fight for access to...

  • Siberia show


    SIBERIA, RUSSIA - Lake Baikal - The pearl of Siberia. One of the biggest fresh water reservoirs on Earth.

  • Going Nuclear show

    Going Nuclear

    Mark Manosky Site Engineer, explains the duties of the new high pressure rotor which is being installed reactor system.

  • Aircraft show


    F18 ready for take off seen through heat haze onboard the USS Nimitz.

  • Extreme Fighting show

    Extreme Fighting

    Extreme Fighting

  • Street Monkeys show

    Street Monkeys

    Vervet monkeys fighting on the golf course, Green Briar Troop

  • Predators show


    An African Fish Eagle rushes toward prey in the water of Lake Malawi, Malawi, Africa.

  • Strange Behaviours show

    Strange Behaviours

    Caught in the Act reveals some of the most incredible and disturbing animal acts ever captured on film.

  • Dangerous Encounters show

    Dangerous Encounters

    Dangerous Encounters

  • Cats show


    A male and female lion.

  • Dogs show


    A Chihuahua 63 days after the mother's eggs were fertilized. The mother is ready to give birth. Selective breeding has...

  • Extreme Animals - Kangaroo and Penguin show

    Extreme Animals - Kangaroo and Penguin

    Capturing footage of a young red kangaroo joey using a high definition Olympus endoscope.