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Wild terrain, sub-zero temperatures and deadly wildlife; experience law enforcement, Alaska-style with brand new episodes of Alaska State Troopers. Facing inhospitable conditions, to patrol and protect is all part of the job on the last Frontier, where anyone they encounter could be armed and back-up can be literally hours away. Follow the intrepid policemen and women of America's biggest state in their mission to keep the peace in this remote territory, responding by land, air and sea to a diverse range of challenges.  From icy search-and-rescue missions to needle-in-a-haystack manhunts, the series continues Thursdays at 9pm from 9 December.

The Troopers return to their icy beats, taking to their snow machines to maintain order at the opening of the Fairbanks area moose hunt and venturing to the edge of the Arctic Circle to investigate an underground fight club. Meanwhile, officers struggle to cope with rising crime rates brought on by the devastating effects of alcohol abuse, and use the frozen Bering Sea as an airstrip in order to reach one of the most remote villages in America. Catching big city crooks in a far-from-urban environment is no ordinary police work but, luckily for the people of Alaska, these are no ordinary policemen.




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    See the Troopers brave weather few would comprehend as they fight crime in the toughest season...

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