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Born in 1986 in London, as a small boy DMC quickly became obsessed by the mysterious and the paranormal.  In 1994 at just eight his father (Lord Crispin Latymer) took him to a small magic shop called Davenports’ that sat beneath the Coutts & Co. on the Strand – where his father worked at the time – and bought him the shop’s catalogue.  DMC devoured the catalogue, memorised it, and his journey in magic began.

“I am sure he will go far” – HM Queen Elizabeth II

DMC’s devotion and studies of magic really took hold when he arrived at Eton in 1999 (where he studied alongside Princes William and Harry), where DMC shunned his studies and sports to devote himself totally to studying every element and nuance of magic, its history and its greats.  In 2001 DMC invited Uri Geller to speak at Eton, from whom he learned how to bend spoons.

Graduating from Eton in 2004, DMC set out to travel the world to visit and meet with magicians, witchdoctors and spiritual gurus throughout India, Asia and Europe.  During this period DMC also spent time with a professional card cheat in Bangkok (Mr. Somkid, who later featured in DMC’s pilot special ‘Cardshark’) who sparked a profound interest in DMC within the world of card cheating.  By the age of 19, DMC knew magic and playing cards would be his life’s single motivation.

“DMC is the best in a new generation of British Magicians” – The Observer

Going to university at Leeds in 2005 to study modern languages, DMC’s constant travelling and lack of academic interest lead to him almost being thrown out of the university on two occasions – but eventually DMC graduated, moved to London in 2009 and devoted himself entirely to magic.  This same year DMC also took time to qualify at the London Gaming College as a professional croupier and card dealer, which allowed him to understand the techniques (and weaknesses) of casinos and casino games. 

By 25 DMC had established himself as an established name on the private circuit, with clients that included royal families across three continents, presidents and ambassadors and a host of private billionaires worldwide.  Next, DMC set his sights on television.  Knowing that he wanted to change up the manner in which magic was presented on television, whenever he could DMC would pack a small bag and a handheld camera – and run away on his own to India, Africa or Asia in order to film a short, home-made documentary film.  ‘Tanzanian Devil’ explored the sinister world of modern-day witchcraft in Tanzania, and ‘Why Do We Believe?’ explored the motivations behind human belief systems in India.  In total DMC filmed five such films, uploaded them to YouTube, and began to realise that magic could be used as a means not just for entertaining people, but also for exploring themes and cultural subjects that go far beyond simply the tricks themselves.

“Fascinating” – The Sun

In 2012 DMC was approached by National Geographic, who saw his work and realised that DMC’s explorative and investigative philosophy with his work very closely chimed with their own.  The channel quickly commissioned DMC to film a pilot special, and in June of 2013 ‘Cardshark’ aired around the world – rapidly proving itself as one of the channel’s most successful pilots of all time.  A few months later DMC was then commissioned by the channel to create a full 7-part series that would explore magic in all its forms, right around the world.  ‘Beyond Magic with DMC’ was born and DMC spent the next 10 months filming around the world in Singapore, France, London Spain and Mexico exploring such diverse themes as voodoo, wartime deceptions, pick-pocketing, eastern mysticism, historical illusions, card cheating, escapology and mind-reading.

DMC’s fresh investigative approach to magic is rapidly proving to be a radical new change to the way in which magic is presented on television.  ‘Beyond Magic with DMC’ will air as of November 2014 to over 170 countries worldwide on National Geographic International, and cement DMC as a major new figure on the global magic stage.

“Jaw-dropping” – The Daily Mail