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Follow the touching story of a family of chimpanzees who have been rescued from a Spanish circus.

There’s baby Juanito, grandfather Toto, bouncy toddler Bongo and the teenage boys; Marco, Charly and Toni – all chimps rescued from lives of abuse and exploitation in the entertainment industry.

Near the beaches of Spain’s Costa Brava is The Mona Foundation, a unique sanctuary that’s home to a large family of loveable primates all rescued from lives in captivity. It may be a far cry from their native Africa but here their keepers have created a natural habitat so the chimps can live together in social groups, as they would in the wild.

Mona’s founder, Olga Feliu, rescues troubled primates from zoos and circuses, giving them the chance to live like real chimps again. She was inspired to establish the sanctuary through her work with the late Simon Templer, a British man who was the first person to rescue chimps from appalling conditions in Spain. Life at Mona can be both heartbreaking and incredibly heart-warming. Olga has discovered chimps in appalling shape. “I hope people will understand how cruel humans can be to animals.” Most of the primates arrive mentally and physically scarred. Together with head keeper Raul Cabrera, this intrepid vet and mother-of-two nurses the damaged animals back to health.

Join them and their dedicated team of keepers for custody battles, medical emergencies and power struggles. Tempers flare, but most importantly, new friends are made.