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Castles were the ultimate homes for the original preppers – kings. In the Middle Ages, kings built these towering fortresses to shield their royal courts from the constant threat of neighboring enemies and forces of nature. One American prepper believes that we’re on a crash course with a second Dark Ages, and that these relics of the Round Table are the most desirable quarters for that doomsday scenario. Meet Brent Bruns – The Prepper King—who is building a real medieval castle on a treacherous and completely isolated mountaintop in South Carolina. Now, he must decide which 1 of his 10 children will inherit the castle and take control of the realm and the responsibility to govern it. But first he’s putting his heirs through the most extreme test of their lives; survive the mountain, finish the fortress. Whoever is best will win the throne. Their skills will be challenged as they battle the elements, fend off stalking predators, and race to complete the fortress before doom strikes. With his entire life-savings invested into the half-built kingdom and his family’s survival on the line, Brent himself will be tested at every turn and his massive family will be in for the adventure of their lifetime.



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    Target Practice

    Brent Sr. introduces his family to "Meals Ready to Eat," which prompts Brent II to start...

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