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“I’m prepping to survive the total destruction of the power grid due to an EMP weapon”

Prepping isn’t just a hobby for father of four, Tim Ralston. If America is attacked by an EMP weapon that fries our electrical grid, Tim is prepared to evacuate to the desert where he’s readying a survival team, outfitting underground shipping containers for shelter, and training his sons to be marksmen defending the perimeter.


Scott has lived a “Prepper” lifestyle for many years and shares his experiences and knowledge through teaching, training, and consulting.  He designs robust infrastructure for entire retreat/bug out locations and has the experience to teach people how to secure it. Scott’s company ‘Practical Preppers’ provides analysis to the Preppers in NGC’s series, rating their overall preparedness and offering suggestions for how to become better prepared.


John Major is living off-grid in Idaho with his wife and 5 kids.  He is prepping for the explosion of a dirty bomb by stockpiling 4 to 5 seeds banks for his family’s use, in a case the dirty bomb contaminates the soil round them. He also regularly travels to Mexico and purchases emergency and medical seeds.  John plans to hide his family in his 10-foot underground foxhole if the dirty bomb explodes.   Unlike most preppers, John is not fully dependent on his food and water stockpiles. He takes his family out to the woods to find their own food; bugs.  He is training his family to enjoy eating bugs, because he knows they may be a good source of food after a dirty bomb detonation.


Bruce Beach has been anticipating the end for 50 years.  He has constructed a 10,000 square foot underground bunker out of 43 full-size school buses, which he calls the “Ark Two”.  Bruce lives in a small village of 200 people in Horning Mills, Ontario.  He believes that most preppers are concerned with personal survival but he thinks it’s more about reconstructing a new world after 2012.  He has created a “reconstruction network” online called the “SAFE” through which he shares information about Ark Two and his evacuation plans.


Self-described foodie Kellene Bishop sees a financial doomsday on the horizon –but she isn’t planning on riding it out nibbling on typical prepper staples like rice and beans.  The 47-year-old Orem, Utah resident used to work as a real estate broker. Now she is a full-time prepper, and dedicates her energies to learning how to make gourmet meals from dehydrated and canned foods; molten chocolate cake, coq au vin, and 4-cheese risotto are all on Kellene’s doomsday menu.

Kellene and her husband Scott prep together. Their prepping began when they decided to use their wedding money on buying supplies for the pantry. The couple now has over $100,000 worth of food stores in their possession, and they practice firearms training and hand-to-hand combat in order to defend it.


Pat Brabble runs his own insulation business in the town of Ahoskie, NC, where he lives with his wife Lynette. The Brabbles are a warm, welcoming couple, with a secret. Hidden in a compartment of the couple’s barn is a doomsday arsenal: ammo, guns, food, and bartering items. Even though Pat and Lynette abstain from drinking, they’ve stocked their secret room with hundreds of dollars worth of alcohol. Pat and Lynette believe that hyperinflation will make the dollar worthless and even teetotalers will need to rely on this alternate form of currency.


Becky is a young and single prepper living in Salt Lake City, Utah.  She is committed to her education, her faith and prepping. 34-year-old Becky lives with her three best single girlfriends, and encourages them to start prepping.  She started her own prepping business a few years ago, selling food storage to other preppers around the area.  She fears a time when the government takes over Salt Lake City. Training with a sniper and stockpiling a year’s worth of food are part of her preparations.


Martin Colvill is not your average prepper.  The retired police officer is now a truck driver. He lives on the road with his favorite travel companions: his wife, Sarah, two miniature Dachshunds, and his preps.  He is the owner and operator of a small truck company and enjoys traveling across the country in his 2002 Freightliner Semi Truck.  After reading the book, “Patriots” by James Wesley Rawles Martin decided to begin prepping and encouraged his wife to do the same.  Together, they have stocked roughly 4 months of prepping supplies, to supplement a stockpile of weapons (which include their two watchdogs.)  Martin continues to network with people around the country and read preparation books to ensure his survival when the end of days comes.


Riley Cook lives in Silverthorne, Colorado with his wife and four young kids.  He is a welder in a fabrication shop and is prepping for a polar shift in 2012.  In preparation for 2012, 32-year-old Riley has started a few side-businesses, including one that sells underground shelters to other preppers around the area.  Riley does not only sell these 60 X 9 foot survival shelters, he also has one fully-equipped in the mountains at an 11,000 feet elevation. His family plans to bug to this high-altitude bunker when a catastrophic polar shift occurs.  Riley also has an alternative plan for transportation: handcarts.  This invention can carry heavy loads on land and in water.  Riley considers it a perfect tool for a polar shift.   He has invested about $100,000 to prepping and continues to add to his prepping supplies daily.


Jason Day is from Miamisburg, Ohio.  He met his wife there and they have four small children together. Jason spends all of his money on prepping for the end of the world so instead of vacations he takes his kids panning for gold, in hopes to find alternative money sources for Doomsday.  Jason also runs gas mask drills with his family and sticks his wife with an IV from their medical kit; all in preparation for 2012.   But Jason’s ultimate plan is be underground during 2012 because he feels it is the only way to ensure his family’s survival.


Michael is a modern day hunter-gatherer prepper.  He is a former marine turned survival and primitive skills instructor.  Years ago he purchased a 30-acre land in Maine, where he now lives and teaches his classes.  Michael preps along with his wife and three young children.  He fears a time when over population reaches critical mass, so he is determined to live off of the earth.  Michael spends his days prepping, making medicines, shelters, weapons, food, and even eating insects.  He is not going to let overpopulation change his family’s quality of life.


Dennis Evers is a 57-year-old father from a rural town in Colorado.  He is the patriarch of a huge family -- 11 kids and 3 grandchildren.  Dennis is a former EMT and his biggest concern is protecting his family in the event of some environmental disaster.  To prepare for a financial doomsday, he is training each of his children to hone specific skills, like welding, hunting, and knowledge of communications technology. Dennis’ day job is building props, including mini train signals and tracks for amusement parks like Disneyland.   His wife Sandy spends her days tending to the farm animals on the Evers ranch and canning and jarring food to feed the whole family.


Bradford Frank is a Psychiatrist living in the suburbs of San Diego.  Some people refer to him as the “Doctor of Doom”.   He has a Cambodian wife and 12 – year old daughter and for years Bradford has been prepping for the upcoming Avian Bird Flu.  His wife and daughter think that his extreme prepping is completely crazy but that does not stop Bradford from stockpiling.   Being in the medical field has given Bradford the opportunity to stock medicine, even if they are expired.  Bradford hopes to eventually bug out his family to a cave near his home when the Avian Bird Flu spreads across San Diego.


Larry Hall has recently moved his family from their beachfront home in Melborne, Florida to Denver, Colorado in order to be closer to his 3-year long construction project.   He is building survival condos in a former government-owned missile silo.  As an engineer, Larry considers himself a man of science. He believes that building this structure is necessary for survival.  Larry has been preparing and studying the predictions of 2012 for the past 18 years and believes that we will soon face catastrophic weather changes starting with a solar flare.  Larry’s wife and younger son plan to leave their home in Colorado and bug out to the underground silo in 2012.


Kathy Harrison is 59 and a loving mother of six with children living all across the United States. She’s currently the author of multiple books and resides in Cummington, MA. Not content being just an average prepper, Kathy is an advocate of being prepared through self-sustainability and is also an active environmentalist. Mother Nature has been generous with Kathy, and in return, she has prepped over 500 gallons of wheat, canned foods, and water -- enough to feed her community. Kathy has a book out “Just in Case: How to be Self-Sufficient When the Unexpected Happens.” When not preparing for her black swan event, she also tours and is a national spokesperson for fostering parenting and family preparedness.


Doug Huffman is a former marine who now lives – and preps – on a 200 acre Northern California ranch. He teaches survival classes throughout the year, including his junior rangers class, which teaches teenagers the guerilla warfare techniques he believes they’ll need to survive an economic doomsday.


Megan is a young newbie prepper and at the young age 26 years old enjoys Prepping just as much as partying with friends on a Friday night. Living in Houston Texas Megan works in a women’s fashion boutique and hates it!  But her spirits remain high with plans on joining the National Guard and Megan looks at Prepping as a fun challenge!  Her concerns are focused with the economy collapse and Oil Crisis.


Jack Jobe is a 64-year-old retired photojournalist turned prepper.   He started prepping in 2010 after watching the news surrounding Haiti’s devastating earthquake.   Jacks, wife Jackie is new to prepping and she is learning how to ward off marauders with knives, installing a safe room door, and hiding food in places around his house.   Jack considers himself a comedian– he even has a prepping-based comedy act that he takes out to the local club. In addition to preparing his home, Jack is working on inventing a tool that he believes will be a prepepr essential, and will help anyone hack their way out of the rubble of what he fears most … a solar-flare induced earthquake.


Single dad, Barry (last name not revealed, by request) has a secret hatch in his garage, which he plans to run to when an EMP hits the US.   He has been prepping for 2 years and trying to urge his 5 kids to prep as well.  Along with prepping he is also selling underground shelters like the one in his own garage.  The underground vault is a big round space with an 8ft ladder entry equipped with one hammock and seating for three people.  Barry plans to bug into his vault for 30 days with his kids. Once the initial chaos after an EMP blast settles down, he will escape to a hidden sailboat a few miles away.


“Mr. Wayne” – who asks that his identity not be disclosed due to issues related to operational security --  began prepping as soon as Jimmy Carter was elected President.   Mr. Wayne joined the military, as a young man then soon after became a policeman.  He is now retired and a full time prepper.   Mr. Wayne has an underground shipping container with several years of food, water and even wine. He believes that China is going to take over the US and cause economic destruction and the collapse of the American Dollar.  Mr. Wayne and his wife live on a 3-acre property with a large wine vineyard and their own junkyard, from which he likes to make inventions and, on occasion, play the explosives he believes will protect his property if civil unrest follows an economic collapse.


Mike Mester is a contractor and father of four living 45 miles from Atlanta, GA.  He has made prepping a family affair, by getting all of his kids involved in stockpiling food, storing gasoline, learning to operate weapons, and harvesting fuel sources from resources in their own suburban backyard.


Donna Nash is a 54-year-old housewife living in mountains of Alpine, Utah.  She is married, has four grown children and believes that a global pandemic is just around the corner.  In hopes of helping her family, friends and local community survive  pandemic Donna has started her own emergency preparedness company called ARKready. Donna is known in the neighborhood as the “Pandemic Lady” where she walks around to inform the other neighbors about pandemics and her kits.   She also stocks 2 years of food and other prepping supplies.  Donna is determined to not let a global pandemic destroy her family.


Jeremy is a husband and new father to his 1-year old son.  He lives in the suburbs of Utah and his biggest concern is Peak Oil, which he believes, will end the world, as we know it.  His biggest prep is his large Army Truck that can run off of used motor oil that he purchases from auto shops regularly.  Like every prepper, Jeremy has the usual stockpiles of food and water but one thing that separates him from the rest is his fish antibiotics.  He stocks up on them because he claims they are safe for humans too.


In Los Angeles California, 56-year-old Christopher Nyerges began prepping when he was only 14 years old. He started with studying plants and took strong interests in the traditions and culture of the Native American Indians.   He often meets with Native groups in the desert to have pow-wows and teach lost skills such as weaving and hunting. Christopher has been teaching survival for the past 30 years and is an expert in finding all kinds of natural resources in the wilderness.


Kevin O’Brien is a restaurant manager living in Jacksonville, Florida with his wife and four kids.  But unlike many families, Kevin and his wife are preparing to move away because of a Polar Shift in 2012, which they believe will wipe out Florida completely.  Kevin has purchased a 130-acre tract of land in Tennessee because, after much research, he believes it is the only place to survive a polar shift.  Kevin has also stocked years of prepping supplies and informed his kids of the reason they must make the big move.  Although his teenage daughter, Hailey, is not thrilled with picking up in the middle of school-year, Kevin and his wife Amy believe that it is mandatory in order to ensure their family’s survival.


Steve Pace is a Missouri native prepping for an EMP attack for several years.  Steve is collecting food, precious metals and enough ammo to start an army. He is married and his wife completely supports his prepping.  Steve considers his community “Farmers with Guns” and they all plan to stick together if something should happen.


Ed Peden is a hippy loving prepper believing that “Love is the only engine of Survival”.  He is married to Dianna and together they live in Kansas in an 18,000 square foot underground strong nuclear hardened structure.  For 30 years they have been prepping for rapid earth changes to occur and violence and war to spread across the world.  Aside from prepping Ed sells underground missile bunkers to other preppers around the area.  As of 2012 they have sold 49 properties.  He has also written a book, “Limits to Growth” and constantly researches nuclear threats, historic perspectives, consciousness rising, and many cultural myths.  Ed and Dianna are a very happy couple and want to restore balance, harmony and peace within and without in a community with other likeminded individuals.


Meeting at an aquaponics convention years ago, Paul & Gloria had an automatic connection but with both being ex-military, it only made way to the creation of the ultimate prepping duo.  Paul Range has many years experience on the force concentrating in Special Op’s and Gloria working in Intelligence. The couple resides in Floresville, Texas, were they live in 9 shipping containers, all stacked and connected to each other.  Not only does the structure assist in their impressive self-sustainable living it also prevents them from having to pay a mortgage. The couple also use their grounds to teach survival classes including a 6 day intensive course where students learn about shelter, food and water storage, fire starting, homemade hobo stoves, bug out bags and more. Paul and Gloria believe in the prophesizes of 2012 and are currently looking for land in the North and the South believing that extreme climate changes will force them to evacuate their home but with school busses fully stocked and a lethal Preppers team to back them, they have prepared enough to survive the worst of any Doomsday Scenarios.


Dianne Rogers is a vibrant Canadian mom haunted by a reoccurring dream that she thinks is a glimpse of her future.  She is prepping her family to survive a solar flare in 2012.  Dianne is married to Greg, an upbeat dad convinced his wife’s fear could possibly mean the end of the world.   They are both prepping their suburban home in Canada and training their 6-year old daughter Sarah to use a bow and arrow during the end of times.   Dianne refers to Sarah as “Playing Robin Hood” and when the shit hits the fan they need to all defend themselves in order to survive.


As an ex-trucker, David Sarti at 50 years old knows all about needing to be prepared after losing his job and having health issues without insurance. He now lives in Lebanon, TN with his three dogs, adapting and prepping with his unique DIY methods which he likes to call redneck ingenuity.  The next EMP might knock out everywhere else, but David is prepared with his storage of food, water and security to bunker down and outlast any EMP that might take him off-the-grid.


John and Christine Sellers live in the middle of Pennsylvania.  This happy couple enjoys riding motorcycles, shooting guns and most importantly, prepping.  They have compiled a large stockpile of prepping needs from one year’s worth of food to a 2-year supply of condiments and toilet paper.  John and Christine also have several guns scattered around their home.  Only one thing is missing in their prepper life--  a shipping container.  They both go on a desperate search for the perfect shipping container to place underground for when Doomsday arrives.


Janet Spencer is preparing her home, The Armageddon Inn for a Nuclear War.  In 1989 during mid winter, Janet experienced the devastating Montana Train Derailment, which cut off all electricity in her hometown, and Janet was not prepared.  After that incident Janet decided to start prepping and help everyone in her community.  She stocks her small home with preps in every nook and cranny, not even her husband knows where half of her preps are hidden.  Janet has opened her home to her community for the upcoming Nuclear War.


Mild-mannered computer programmer Preston White loves to garden in his greenhouse. Unlike other greenthumbs, however, this isn’t merely a hobby. Preston believes that radiation from Japan’s damaged Fukushima Daiichi plant is coming towards Colorado. He is preparing to recreate a post-apocalyptic Garden of Eden with his collection of over 11,000 seeds. As part of his doomsday plan, 49-year-old Preston has gathered together with a group of friends to build a biospheric greenhouse – one he expects to retreat into once radiation in the atmosphere descends.