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    • Building a Canal show

      Building a Canal

      The Mudminers dig a canal to bring much needed water to the mining site.

    • Skipping the Formalities show

      Skipping the Formalities

      The CCR mining boys clean and weigh their daily haul without landowner Clark present.

    • Kayla Saves the Day show

      Kayla Saves the Day

      After Jeff drops a boulder into the wash plant, his wife Kayla springs into action.

    • Mining Permit Blues show

      Mining Permit Blues

      Just as CCR Mining starts work on a new site, operations grind to a halt because of permit problems.

    • Digging for Pay Dirt show

      Digging for Pay Dirt

      Doug Baker works around the clock to make sure Mudminers Mining turns a profit this year.

    • Family Panning show

      Family Panning

      John Reeves puts his kids to work panning for gold to test the value of land he owns.

    • CCR's Second Cleanup show

      CCR's Second Cleanup

      The CCR boys prepare for their second cleanup and hope to find more gold than on the first attempt.

    • Finding Nuggets show

      Finding Nuggets

      The Reeves kids find a few decent sized gold nuggets in a sample of land slated for road building.