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    • A Mother Battling Addiction show

      A Mother Battling Addiction

      Former drug addict Dana struggles to live up to her two teenage sons' expectations.

    • Cocaine Cowboy show

      Cocaine Cowboy

      While others were hitting puberty, Ivan was introduced to death and drugs by his shot-caller dad.

    • Inside an Interrogation show

      Inside an Interrogation

      Go inside a criminal’s mind as he engages in an intricate game of lies with an officer.

    • Drunk and Combative show

      Drunk and Combative

      When entering Las Vegas criminal system this inmate soon realizes who is in charge.

    • Prison Video Date show

      Prison Video Date

      A video chat is the closest an inmate can get to his sweetheart.

    • Jail Mail show

      Jail Mail

      Two inmates at the CCDC in Las Vegas keep their relationship alive by communicating with Jail Mail.

    • Prison Mom show

      Prison Mom

      Tammy has been through the system so many times she has become a mother figure to the newer inmates.

    • Self Representation show

      Self Representation

      Rickie has already been sentenced and is trying to get a new trial while representing himself.

    • Playing by the Rules show

      Playing by the Rules

      With house arrest comes a new set of rules and responsibilities.

    • Cell Block Shakedown show

      Cell Block Shakedown

      Gang wars in the jail are escalating, and an elite unit descends on the inmates to quell any rivalries.

    • White Tigers Eat Peanut Butter show

      White Tigers Eat Peanut Butter

      Officers at the CCDC are trained to spot mental illness and deal with inmates with problems.

    • Rachel Takes Ricky Under Her Wing show

      Rachel Takes Ricky Under Her Wing

      Inmate Ricky finds a friend in the CCDC protective custody wing with 5 year veteran, Rachel.