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It’s easy to be obsessed with a hobby, but these two men have taken it too far. Dave Hitchens is an action figure junkie from Toms River, New Jersey. He spends hours every week playing with his 3,000 figures and making YouTube videos starring them. But what will he do with therapist Jeremy Spiegel tries to separate him from his plastic warriors and wrestlers?
Next, meet Alex Condon, who has 62,000 baseball cards, all of the same player – the little known Andy Van Slyke. At 39, Alex is living in his mother’s home in Bayville, New Jersey. He has a room dedicated to his over-the-top collection, but his mother and brother want him to grow up and move out, so they invite therapist Tom Kersting to turn Alex’s world upside down. The kicker is a surprise guest – Andy Van Slyke himself.  

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