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    • Heroin History show

      Heroin History

      Heroin was first introduced to the public by Bayer Pharmaceuticals in 1898.

    • Junk show


      An explosion of heroin is coming out of Afghanistan; feeding old habits and creating new ones.

    • Poppy Flower show

      Poppy Flower

      There is always a first, Jenna remembers hers.

    • War on Terror show

      War on Terror

      An unintended consequence of the war on terror; over 90% of heroine sold in the world comes from Afghanistan.

    • Dangerous Romance show

      Dangerous Romance

      Three is a crowd. Joakim and Trina's painful love affair with each other, and heroin.

    • The Taliban's Poppy show

      The Taliban's Poppy

      The Taliban is once again exploiting poppy production in a bid to retake control of the country.

    • Empty Eyes show

      Empty Eyes

      "There's something very characteristic about heroin eyes."