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    • Miracle Weed show

      Miracle Weed

      A cancer patient talks about the incredible health benefits marijuana has given her.

    • Marijuana Today show

      Marijuana Today

      Marijuana has never been more valuable or potent... Breathe deep, this is not your father's marijuana.

    • Plant Life show

      Plant Life

      Smoked by an estimated 200 million people, marijuana is the most widely used illicit drug in the world.

    • Home Grown show

      Home Grown

      Suburban homes converted into greenhouses, indoor growing operations get busted in Florida.

    • Class A show

      Class A

      Hailed "the most dangerous drug in the world" by Reagan, weed is classified alongside heroin in the USA.

    • Oaksterdam show


      150 dollars and a brief examination could get you a recommendation for medical marijuana in California.

    • Canada Cannabis show

      Canada Cannabis

      Canada has the highest number of pot smokers in the industrialised world and Vancouver is the centre.