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    • Fishing Bajau Style show

      Fishing Bajau Style

      Hazen dives for fish using rudimentary tools - an island-made spear gun and a pair of wooden goggles.

    • Snakes of South America show

      Snakes of South America

      Even if you survive a bite by one of Panama’s venomous snakes, there’s a huge price to pay.

    • Snagging a Stag show

      Snagging a Stag

      Getting a reindeer herd to their spring birthing grounds puts Hazen face-to-face with a huge male.

    • Turns Out, Caterpillar Fungus is Crunchy show

      Turns Out, Caterpillar Fungus is Crunchy

      Instead of herbs, a traditional Loba doctor gives Hazen a crunchy critter to eat to help with altitude sickness.

    • Octo-Hunting show


      The Primal Survivor goes hunting for a meal with eight tentacles.