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  • American War Generals: Vietnam to 9/11 show

    American War Generals: Vietnam to 9/11

    In this special, America's leading combat generals talk about how they spent their careers training to fight a conventional...

  • Ultimate Survival WWII show

    Ultimate Survival WWII

    Hazen Audel travels across the globe to relive some of the most astonishing stories of wilderness survival from World War II....

  • Egypt: Secret Chambers Revealed show

    Egypt: Secret Chambers Revealed

    We unlock Egypt's secret chambers to reveal centuries-old mysteries and magic.

  • Secrets Of show

    Secrets Of

    The most mundane items in your home hide fascinating secrets as this compelling series featuring Adam Hart- Davis explains.The...

  • WW2: Hell Under The Sea show

    WW2: Hell Under The Sea

    WW2: Hell Under the Sea 2 continues to chart the stealth game of subsea warfare: from the Allies' strikes against Axis might ...

  • New Orleans: City of Stories show

    New Orleans: City of Stories

    Delving into the history and culture of the Big Easy.

  • Wild Way of the Vikings show

    Wild Way of the Vikings

    Spectacular Natural History meets Historical Epic in a unique, beautiful and revelatory journey showcasing the wildlife of the...

  • Predator CSI show

    Predator CSI

    A team of specialists investigate the mystery of an exploding whale that left local residents overwhelmed.When a 50-tonne...

  • Death of the Universe show

    Death of the Universe

    In the farthest reaches of space, a volatile battle is taking place between two forces so great, they may eventually destroy...

  • Churchill's German Army show

    Churchill's German Army

    The Allied victory of WW2 was helped along by a small group of unlikely soldiers – the Germans and Austrians.The bravery of...

  • Ultimate Africa: Game Rangers show

    Ultimate Africa: Game Rangers

    Safari adventurer Jean Du Plessis explores how both big-game trophy hunting and anti-poaching efforts are part of the...

  • Orca Killing School show

    Orca Killing School

    Can the orcas of Peninsula Valdez perfect their dangerous killing technique?Throughout the oceans, orcas are supreme hunters,...

  • Headshrinkers of the Amazon show

    Headshrinkers of the Amazon

    From the earliest days of Amazonian exploration, stories filtered back about the terrifying ritual practised by the region's...

  • Gallipoli's Deep Secrets show

    Gallipoli's Deep Secrets

    In a conflict packed with devastating battles, Gallipoli stands out as one of the First World War's most futile and bloody...

  • Hitler's Secret Weapon show

    Hitler's Secret Weapon

    As the Second World War began to draw to a close, the scientists and designers of Hitler's Germany were employed in a frantic...

  • Plantzilla show


    Wouldn't it be great if houseplants could tell us when they needed feeding? Well students in New York have developed a way to...

  • 9/11: I Was There show

    9/11: I Was There

    It was the moment that shocked the world, and for the people personally involved in the horrific events of September 11, 2001,...

  • Obama's White House show

    Obama's White House

    Catch a glimpse of presidential life from behind the camera in this intimate and exclusive film.  As an inspiration to...

  • Bears Of The Last Frontier show

    Bears Of The Last Frontier

    In Bears Of The Last Frontier, get up close and personal with one of Alaska's most feared creatures.Alaska is one of the last...

  • Philly Undercover show

    Philly Undercover

    Philadelphia may be the city of brotherly love but, for some criminals, that sentiment doesn't extend to man's best friend. In...