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  • Little Killers show

    Little Killers

    The world is full of predators, but not all are big and showy. Lurking in the shadows, the little killers can be just as...

  • Queen of the Baboons show

    Queen of the Baboons

    Queen of the Baboons is a deeply intimate portrayal of life in a baboon troop through the eyes of a female named Tubu. From...

  • Strangest Bird Alive show

    Strangest Bird Alive

    The ostriches of Namibia face an annual challenge: choosing the exactly the right moment to breed. The birds must ensure their...

  • Killer Hornets show

    Killer Hornets

    Summer is coming, and with it a deadly invasion. There’s a killer on the loose, a deadly winged beast whose toxic venom...

  • Africa's Deadliest: Young Blood show

    Africa's Deadliest: Young Blood

    In the wild Mother Nature shows no mercy especially to those born into an arena where it is kill or be killed. For predators...

  • Africa's Super Snake show

    Africa's Super Snake

    She's 20 feet long. She has no hands, no arms, no legs, but she'll crush you to death in 15 minutes. She's an African Rock...

  • Desert Lions show

    Desert Lions

    When it rains, it pours in Nxai Pan in northern Botswana. Lush plains scattered with vast herds of antelope stretch to the...

  • Sibella: The Miracle Cheetah show

    Sibella: The Miracle Cheetah

    Born a wild cheetah in South Africa's North West province, Sibella's life nearly ended at the hands of hunters. Lying at...

  • When Sharks Attack: Anatomy of a Shark Attack show

    When Sharks Attack: Anatomy of a Shark Attack

    Without a doubt, sharks are the most notorious and feared predators in the ocean. In recent years, the number of shark attacks...

  • Decades Remixed: The '80s Greatest show

    Decades Remixed: The '80s Greatest

    We revisit the greatest moments from America’s decade of decadence when everything went big…from shoulder pads to bank...

  • Fish My City With Mike Iaconelli show

    Fish My City With Mike Iaconelli

    Mike Iaconelli is casting for fish in the city - but the city always lands Mike more than he bargained for. Wild locals and...

  • Wild Peru: Andes Battleground show

    Wild Peru: Andes Battleground

    There are three Perus: its great rainforest, the Andes foothills and the pacific coastal deserts. Across two hours, we...

  • Busted By the Secret Service show

    Busted By the Secret Service

    Be a fly on the wall when elite forces of the Secret Service carryout stings attempting to take down criminals. From smugglers...

  • Stonehenge Decoded: Secrets Revealed show

    Stonehenge Decoded: Secrets Revealed

    Stonehenge Decoded (2009) exposed the puzzle that is Stonehenge. There were many disputed theories about this giant stone...

  • Tarini: Six Women Sail The Globe show

    Tarini: Six Women Sail The Globe

    Tarini is the story of 6 young women in one small sailboat out to conquer three oceans on their bid to circumnavigate the...

  • Earth Investigated show

    Earth Investigated

    Did you know that you are four times more likely to die from an asteroid impact in your lifetime than to be struck by...

  • Secret Bible show

    Secret Bible

    Can historical evidence and forensic science shed light on The Holy Grail and The Apocalypse? This week includes a provocative...

  • Bite, Sting, Kill show

    Bite, Sting, Kill

    Exploring the ways animals can kill with venom.

  • Gospel Of Judas show

    Gospel Of Judas

    The theological implications of this important biblical document are explored by scholars and scientists.

  • New Orleans: City of Stories show

    New Orleans: City of Stories

    Delving into the history and culture of the Big Easy.