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Two scientists with a passion for venomous snakes, aggressive sharks, and lethal jellyfish throw their hearts and bodies into saving any dangerous species in need of rescue. As humans encroach upon wild habitats, Jamie Seymour and Richard Fitzpatrick closely study human - animal interactions to ensure human safety and animal survival. They dive into the water with a deadly box jellyfish to test a prototype protective suit, swim amongst venomous sea snakes to collect and create antivenom, and brave crocodiles to capture endangered sawfish. Using advanced laboratory biotechnology, the Strike Force team collects samples and animals to study human impact and how to better interact with wild animals.


  • Strike Force: Venom Quest
    Jamie and Richard are on a Venom Quest – collecting lethal venom from some of the ocean’s deadliest creatures in order to create life saving antivenom. Dodging crocodiles, they venture into the murky depths in search of sea snakes with venom more deadly than that of a King Cobra. Encountering the planet’s most lethal marine animals, the Strike Force team tests a prototype protective suit against the deadly box jellyfish. In another dive, they capture stonefish with the power to paralyze, in an attempt to safely farm their venom.
  • Strike Force: Shark Bait
    While thrill-seekers embrace cageless underwater shark feeding, researchers fear this newest tourist craze may be upsetting these predators’ natural behaviour. To determine behaviour change, the Strike Force team jumps amidst the whitetips and must first catch and tag several sharks, and when they encounter a shark being suffocated by garbage, Richard puts his own safety on the line to save the shark. Sharks are not the only dangerous creatures this fearless pair encounter as Jamie comes face - to - face with a wild death adder snake, all for the sake of venom research.
  • Strike Force: Operation Sawfish
    Jamie and Richard travel to the remote northern tip of Australia to capture and transport two live sawfish for a breeding programme in the United States. There’s a lot on the line – these two sawfish could be the first ever to breed in captivity. But this mission is not without its dangers, as sawfish share their muddy water homes with fearsome crocodiles, several metres in length. The Strike Force team will have to push their resourcefulness to the limits if they want to stay out of harm’s way in Operation Sawfish.


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    Venom Quest

    The team collects venom from some of the ocean’s deadliest creatures in order to create life...

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    Venom Mission

    Richard and Jamie collect some sea snakes to help produce antivenom in order to save lives.

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