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    • Greek Fire show

      Greek Fire

      The Byzantine Navy used pumps to project Greek fire at enemy ships.

    • Automatic Bell Ringer show

      Automatic Bell Ringer

      With the advent of the automatic ringer, parishioners were summoned to mass at the proper times.

    • Confederate Gunpowder Mine show

      Confederate Gunpowder Mine

      During the Civil War, Confederates mined for saltpeter, a key ingredient in gunpowder.

    • The Chain Drive show

      The Chain Drive

      The invention of the chain drive laid the groundwork for the modern bicycle.

    • Chinese Long Sword show

      Chinese Long Sword

      The Chinese Long Sword was a powerful weapon that helped the Qin Dynasty unify China.

    • From Automaton to Robot show

      From Automaton to Robot

      Automata, mechanical toys driven by clockwork, were the predecessors to modern robots.

    • Liquid Gases show

      Liquid Gases

      After the invention of artificial refrigeration, attention switched to creating colder refrigerants.

    • Creating Canals show

      Creating Canals

      In early 19th century America, the creation of canals made the transport of goods more efficient.

    • Pestis Problem show

      Pestis Problem

      Medieval city sanitation conditions were non-existent and rodents spread Bubonic Plague.

    • The Tabulator show

      The Tabulator

      The tabulating machine counted data from punched cards and sped up the Census Bureau's work flow.

    • B-29 Superfortress show

      B-29 Superfortress

      The B-29's revolutionary fire-control system centralized operation of all the machine guns on board.