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  • Space Toilet show

    Space Toilet

    How do you go to the bathroom in space?

  • Space Tools show

    Space Tools

    With no gravity, how astronauts build in space?

  • Lava Run show

    Lava Run

    Which types of lava are possible to outrun?

  • Supernova Experiment show

    Supernova Experiment

    Scientists try to stimulate a supernova.

  • Laser Target Shooting show

    Laser Target Shooting

    Scientists test if lasers can power space crafts.

  • Axel Rover show

    Axel Rover

    Over tough terrains, how fast can a rover move?

  • Armed Astrophysicists show

    Armed Astrophysicists

    How effective is our magnetic field compared to Mars?

  • Planet Jupiter show

    Planet Jupiter

    On Jupiter, winds reach over 500mph.

  • Exiles show


  • Elephant show


  • Golden Retriever show

    Golden Retriever

  • Bat caves and cockroaches show

    Bat caves and cockroaches

    Mike visits the Gomantong Caves in Borneo, full of a million bats and a hundred foot pile of bat faeces. The place is crawling...

  • The proboscis monkey show

    The proboscis monkey

    Mike goes to Labok Bay Sanctuary, for the proboscis monkey feeding time.

  • Weaver ants show

    Weaver ants

    Mike Leahy visits a weaver ants nest in the Borneo jungle.

  • The Ganges at Varanasi show

    The Ganges at Varanasi

    The sacred waterway is used as a swimming pool, laundry, bathroom and rubbish tip. It's so heavily polluted at Varanasi that...

  • Sacred cows and macaque monkeys show

    Sacred cows and macaque monkeys

    Cows may be sacred in India but they are responsible for spreading the single most deadly infectious disease known to...

  • Worms and rabies show

    Worms and rabies

    Dr Mike Leahy can't stress enough, the importance of washing fruit and vegetables if you want to avoid unsavoury diseases such...

  • Scabies show


    Mike gets under the skin of scabies in Mumbai, one of the largest cities on the planet.

  • The deadly Malayan krait show

    The deadly Malayan krait

    On a piece of parkland, very close to Hanoi, Mike's on the hunt for the Malayan krait. This snake's venom is ten times more...

  • Rats and killer fleas show

    Rats and killer fleas

    Mike buys a rat trap in Metal Street to catch a rat to catch a flea, the source of a deadly disease thought to be in the past....