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  • The Falcon show

    The Falcon

    Angelica Fisheries got a new boat: The Falcon.

  • Post-Saddam Confusion show

    Post-Saddam Confusion

    Generals speak candidly about the impacts of Paul Bremer's dismantling of the Iraqi Army after the 2003 fall of Saddam Hussein.

  • The Katana show

    The Katana

    Forged by hand, the katana is the weapon of choice of the samurai.

  • Something’s Fishy show

    Something’s Fishy

    Dr. K sees a betta fish that’s having a tough time staying afloat.

  • Digging it Old School show

    Digging it Old School

    The guys have to dig a pond by hand when they encounter some underground wires.

  • The Nutmeg Wars show

    The Nutmeg Wars

    The birth of Manhattan began with... nutmeg?

  • Kangaroo Utopia show

    Kangaroo Utopia

    Kangaroos battle for control over an endless supply of females, grass and water on one of Australia's wildest golf courses.

  • Enter at Own Risk! show

    Enter at Own Risk!

    In order to get to the feeding grounds, the shrew has to cross a deadly border patrolled by assassins.

  • Is This Water Safe? show

    Is This Water Safe?

    Paul finds a watering hole, but questions whether or not it is safe to drink.

  • Don't Get Wet! show

    Don't Get Wet!

    Do squirrels have super reflexes that can save them from getting wet by an exploding balloon?

  • Big Cat Ice World show

    Big Cat Ice World

    What unique adaptations would big cats need to make in order to survive a possible future of a frozen world?

  • Wildebeest Puke show

    Wildebeest Puke

    When the dead wildebeest serving as bait releases it's stomach contents, Boone Smith and a cameraman are trapped in the...

  • The Herring Run show

    The Herring Run

    The Herring run in Canada attracts animals from the coastal forest.

  • Reef Hunter show

    Reef Hunter

    Phil Breslin hunts for his dinner out on a reef.

  • Religious Scientist show

    Religious Scientist

    Neil deGrasse Tyson speaks with Rev. James Martin and Eugene Mirman about religion and science.

  • Baby Bear Trio's First Winter show

    Baby Bear Trio's First Winter

    A Polar bear mom and her three cubs explore their frozen world after awakening from hibernation.

  • Two Cars – One Remote? show

    Two Cars – One Remote?

    Brain demonstrates a do-it-yourself method to program a single remote to work on two different cars.

  • The Fortune Teller show

    The Fortune Teller

    Brian Brushwood demonstrates how easy it is to fall prey to the “Barnum Effect.” This is when people believe that general...

  • Iconic Lighthouse show

    Iconic Lighthouse

    This iconic lighthouse stand alone and is home to just one caretaker.

  • Private Property show

    Private Property

    Billy scares off a visitor taking photographs.