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    • Vinnie Meets Wild Bears show

      Vinnie Meets Wild Bears

      While traveling through the wilds of Siberia with a Russian poacher squad, Vinnie comes face to face with a mother bear and...

    • Fishing Dangerously show

      Fishing Dangerously

      Vinnie climbs on board a Russian commercial fishing vessel in freezing cold waters.

    • Russia's Toughest Blacksmith show

      Russia's Toughest Blacksmith

      Vinnie gets some metalworking tips from the blacksmith that makes many parts and tools for massive Russian locomotives.

    • Vinnie's Bodyguard Exam show

      Vinnie's Bodyguard Exam

      Is Vinnie as tough as Moscow's hardest bodyguards?

    • Vinnie Inseminates a Cow show

      Vinnie Inseminates a Cow

      Vinnie tries his hand at artificially inseminating a cow with the help of some friendly cowboys.

    • Vinnie Conquers Heights show

      Vinnie Conquers Heights

      Vinnie must conquer and fear of heights in order to prove himself to a bridge construction crew.