Evolution is a deadly arms race where particular species evolve to become the most lethal.
Featuring startling footage of animals in action, Africa’s Deadliest looks at some of the continent’s most dangerous creatures – including a few you might not expect to be such accomplished killers.
Africa’s Deadliest: Killer Tactics
Masters of stealth or speed, using enhanced senses and lethal strategies to hunt, Africa’s killers include the incredibly fast cheetah and lions, which while slower, have raw power and ingenious teamwork on their side. The rivers, meanwhile, hold fearsome crocodiles.
Africa’s Deadliest: Predator Swarm
Killer armies collaborate to take down larger prey. On land, a zebra’s kick can kill, but in the water it’s easy meat for a congregation of crocodiles. Wild dogs may not seem like fearsome predators, but a pack kills fast, brutally and often.
Africa’s Deadliest: Lethal Weapons
Hippos are terrifying animals in their own right, but they also have enough meat on them to be tempting prey. A pride of 16 lions surround one, but its jaws can crush a skull with one bite – who will triumph?


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    For those living amongst Africa's Deadliest, danger is everywhere.
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    Watch out! Roaming the wild battlegrounds of the Kalahari are the Botswana Bullies.
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    When you are surrounded by Africa's Deadliest, there can be safety in numbers.
  • Africa's Deadliest: Killer Tactics
    A look at the different strategies and killing techniques of the continent, from unseen ambushes and super-senses to sheer raw power.
  • Africa's Deadliest: Predator Swarm
    A look at how animals from dolphins and sharks to dogs and buffalo collaborate to take down prey.
  • Africa's Deadliest: Lethal Weapons
    Tusks, claws and beaks can pierce, stun and maim - sometimes enabling prey to turn the tables on predators.