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  • King Slayers show

    King Slayers

    The Marsh Pride's ageing King, Sekekama, is forced to lead his family into hostile territory.

  • On Thin Ice: Jade's Polar Dream show

    On Thin Ice: Jade's Polar Dream

    14-year-old Jade is a quiet Melbourne schoolgirl who embarks on a bold bid to become the youngest human to trek to the North Pole.

  • Right Footed show

    Right Footed

    Born without arms as the result of a severe birth defect, Jessica Cox never allowed herself to believe that she couldn't...

  • Rocky Mountain Battleground show

    Rocky Mountain Battleground

    24 hours of life in the Rocky Mountains turn hard as winter hits the mountain valleys. This is the season of the rut when big...

  • East Indies - Forest Fighters show

    East Indies - Forest Fighters

    A 24 hour battle for survival on the ancient isles of the East Indies - a land where dragons still roam and big apes hold sway...

  • Reefs - Deadly Oasis show

    Reefs - Deadly Oasis

    A 24 journey through tropical corals and temperate kelp gardens; where octopuses, otters, deadly sea snakes and strange...

  • African Wedding Crashers show

    African Wedding Crashers

    With only 12-hours' notice to attend a wedding in Tanzania's capital city, it's a good thing David is in Dar es Salaam, a...

  • Ciao Ethiopia show

    Ciao Ethiopia

    In the wake of a 7-year Italian occupation of Addis Ababa, a charming amount of Italian culture intertwines with the modern...

  • Stone Town, Zanzibar show

    Stone Town, Zanzibar

    Upon arriving in Zanzibar, a picturesque island known for its vast white sand beaches and its cultural melting-pot of African...

  • Streets of Jo'burg show

    Streets of Jo'burg

    In a city that is still evolving in its identity in the post-Apartheid era, Johannesburg's massive street art scene has caused...

  • The Maasai People show

    The Maasai People

    The Rocco family journeys into the Maasai Mara to have a truly unique and life-changing experience: a Safari adventure to top...

  • Survival show


    It’s not enough for Earth to be habitable; it also has to be lethal for life to thrive. As Will Smith reveals, death is...

  • Blitzkrieg In The East show

    Blitzkrieg In The East

    This is the story of Hitler's invasion of Russia, of the biggest invasion force ever assembled in military history and of how...

  • Trials of the Wild show

    Trials of the Wild

    Some of the greatest natural spectacles in the world are animals on the move. On land, in the air and at sea, many animals...

  • Jaguar Beach Battle show

    Jaguar Beach Battle

    There is a beach in Costa Rica that challenges what we think we know about big cats. Americas largest cat, the jaguar, is...

  • Tomb Raiders show

    Tomb Raiders

    Egyptologist Don Ryan works against the clock to examine the contents of Tomb 49 – and make a dramatic discovery.

  • Mummy Mysteries show

    Mummy Mysteries

    On the western steppes of China, a remarkable find questions the origins of the Chinese race. Across the moors of Northern...

  • Wild Arctic show

    Wild Arctic

    At the very top of our planet lies one of the natural world's most unique habitats, inhabited by some of its deadliest, and...

  • Egypt with the World's Greatest Explorer show

    Egypt with the World's Greatest Explorer

    The 'World's Greatest Living Explorer', Sir Ranulph Fiennes, is returning to the scene of one of his earliest feats - his 1968...

  • The 80s Greatest show

    The 80s Greatest

    We revisit the greatest moments from America’s decade of decadence when everything went big…from shoulder pads to bank...