• Wednesday 15 July 2020 at 11:00AM
  • National Geographic

    • Hitler's Last Stand show

      Hitler's Last Stand

      In the days and weeks after June 6th, the Allies pour into Europe via the beaches of Normandy. But despite securing the...

    • Nazi Fortress show

      Nazi Fortress

      September 1944. Brest, France. The American's 121st Engineers Battalion and 29th Infantry Division clear routes through...

    • Forest of Death show

      Forest of Death

      December 1944. Bergstein, Germany. German Grenadiers use rocket launchers, MP-44s and lethal tree blasts to defend Hurtgen...

    • Panzer Fury show

      Panzer Fury

      The Regina Rifles fight to capture the Abbaye D'Ardenne and liberate the city of Caen. Allied forces had planned to take the...

    • Nazi Kill Zone show

      Nazi Kill Zone

      September 1944. After liberating much of France, Luxembourg and Belgium Allied forces launch General Bernard Montgomery's...

    • Nazis Strike Back show

      Nazis Strike Back

      December 1944. Determined to recapture the port of Antwerp, Hitler mobilizes a massive surprise offensive into the Ardennes...

    • Deadly Defiance show

      Deadly Defiance

      January 1945. As part of the Allied campaign to liberate France, the Americans 7th Infantry Regiment prepares to capture the...