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    The 80s Greatest

    We revisit the greatest moments from America’s decade of decadence when everything went big…from shoulder pads to bank...

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    Food Files

    Foodie and health guru Nikki Muller investigates the real health benefits and risks of our favourite foods, exploring each...

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    Ultimate Airport Dubai S3

    Ultimate Airport Dubai 3 has unprecedented access to the world's busiest airport for international passengers, the home of...

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    With award-winning filmmakers and journalists as your guides, cable TV’s longest running documentary series returns to bring...


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7:00pm UnderCover Angel: Episode 8Episode 8Female tech entrepreneur, Jessica Butcher travels to Sri Lanka undercover as a...America's National Parks: OlympicOlympicOlympic: Series exploring the incredible wildlife of America's most iconic national...Dirty Rotten Survival: Jersey DevilsJersey DevilsHomebuilder and jack-of-all-trades Johnny Littlefield is flipping the standard...Wild Vietnam:
Episode 1
Food Files: The Dirty Tricks Of...The Dirty Tricks Of Advertising
Explorer: Border BattleBorder BattlePhil Keoghan journeys to the India/Pakistan border, where an unexpected border...
Man V Viral: Car Ferry Water SkiCar Ferry Water SkiThe Caucasus Mountains see Tim Shaw and his guinea-pig stuntman Buddy Munro try out...
Food Files: The Wacky World Of Weird FoodsThe Wacky World Of Weird Foods
8:00pm No Man Left Behind: The To Hell & backThe To Hell & backOperation Commando Wrath. Green Berets are sent to take out a leader of the...Ultimate Airport Dubai S3: Episode 8Episode 8Mel is alerted to a possible ebola patient and must limit the man's contact with other...Ultimate Animals Compilations:
Rhinos And Owls
Alpine Lakes:
Episode 1
DEA vs Cocaine Sub (Inside Cocaine Wars):
Narco Sub Mystery
Banged Up Abroad: Episode 3 - Hitler's...Episode 3 - Hitler's Fighting Retreat
Desperate Hours: FireFireIn this installment, we turn up the heat to examine a natural phenomenon that is both...
8:30pm Ultimate Animals Compilations:
Cats And Frogs
Desperate Hours: FloodsFloodsIn this instalment, we batten down the hatches, and run for dry land, as we look at...
9:00pm Africa's Wild Side: Episode 3Episode 3Botswana is a land of epic beauty, where the wildlife itself shapes the land. Every...Trials of The Wild: Elephants On The EdgeElephants On The EdgeOn the edge of the Sahara Desert in Mali, a society struggles to thrive. This isn't a...Tribe vs Pride:
Episode 1
South America Untamed:
Episode 1
Ultimate Airport Dubai S3: Episode 3Episode 3Mel deals with the fallout from an onboard theft and Hassan catches a passenger...
Unlikely Animal Friends Compilation: Baby MamasBaby MamasThese human and animal mamas take in and raise adopted babies in need. A protective...
Africa's Hunters: The Kings of NsefuThe Kings of NsefuTwo big male lions, twin brothers with a powerful bond, have ruled the pride for three...
9:30pm Trials of The Wild: Kings of The CanopyKings of The CanopyWho says everything happens on the ground? And who says you need wings to fly? Welcome...
10:00pm Science Of Stupid Comp:
Episode 7
Explorer: Swimming with SharksSwimming with SharksPhil Keoghan journeys to Mexico to help tag whale sharks in order to save them. JJ...How To Win At Everything: Episode 7Episode 7In this episode we learn how to juggle with bottles.
The 80s Greatest: Episode 7Episode 7For American women in the 80’s, life is not easy. But with help from some famous...
Food Files: Microwaves Exposed -...Microwaves Exposed - Health Or Hazard?
China Revealed:
I Wouldn’t Go In There:...
Miracle Hospital: Episode 8Episode 8
10:30pm Science Of Stupid Comp:
Episode 8
How To Win At Everything: Episode 8Episode 8In this episode we learn how to waterski without skis.
The 80s Greatest: Episode 8Episode 8The eighties, when nothing succeeds like excess. But in this era of big hair, big...
Food Files: Old Wives' Tales Of FoodOld Wives' Tales Of Food