We revisit the greatest moments from America’s decade of decadence when everything went big…from shoulder pads to bank balances. Huge passion led to huge profit, and amidst an explosion of luxury brands and unbridled credit, we splashed the cash like there was no tomorrow. Ronald Reagan fought for conservative values, Madonna didn’t, we all wanted to know who shot J.R. and we watched it all play out on brand new cable networks MTV and CNN.


  • The 80s Greatest: Episode 1
    The 1980's begin with an Olympic hockey game that lifts America's spirits, Ronald Reagan battles Bruce Springsteen, and a sitcom helps invent the yuppie.
  • The 80s Greatest: Episode 2
    In the '80s, doing what you love can turn your passion into profit, new technology creates new opportunities and capitalism gets a conscience.
  • The 80s Greatest: Episode 3
    In the ’80s, family values undergo a huge makeover, as depicted in films and sitcoms, despite President Reagan’s best attempts to stop it.
  • The 80s Greatest: Episode 4
    A generation of kids, determined to express themselves by breaking all the rules, takes on ’80s conservative America in the ultimate pop culture clash.
  • The 80s Greatest: Episode 5
    In the ’80s, a stratospheric rise of cable TV is helped by game-changing networks like MTV and CNN, which covers the death of John Lennon.
  • The 80s Greatest: Episode 6
    A boom in credit cards sparks a spending frenzy. Brands battle to appeal to a new breed of shopper — and they’ll stop at nothing to make a sale.
  • The 80s Greatest: Episode 7
    For American women in the 80’s, life is not easy. But with help from some famous faces like Madonna and Jane Fonda, they start fighting back.
  • The 80s Greatest: Episode 8
    The eighties, when nothing succeeds like excess. But in this era of big hair, big bonuses and even bigger phones, what goes up, must come down.
  • The 80s Greatest: Episode 9
    In the ’80s, shrinking gadgets and new technology bring the world together in unexpected ways but also trigger fears of Japanese economic might.
  • The 80s Greatest: Episode 10
    In the late ’80s, the Berlin Wall embodies the Cold War, but change is in the air and, with some unexpected help from pop culture, it comes crashing down.