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      Episode 7

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      • 20:00
        Python Hunters
        Cane Toad Madness

        On the final leg of their Australian road trip, the python hunters team up with local experts, including Bob Irwin, to help rescue some endangered sea turtles and return a few back to the wild.

      • 21:00
        Continent 7: Antartica
        Antartic Aftermath

        The Condition 1 storm may have passed but malfunctioning equipment, significant winds and engine failures leaving the Coast Guard dead in the water present new challenges for the research teams in Antarctica.

      • 22:00
        David Rocco's Dolce Africa
        Nairobi Ciao Ethiopia

        In the wake of a 7-year Italian occupation of Addis Ababa, a charming amount of Italian culture intertwines with the modern Ethiopia that the city now represents. David meets up with his friend Fabricio, a proud Italian who spent his childhood in Addis Ababa, and together they explore the...

      • 22:30
        David Rocco's Dolce Africa
        Stone Town, Zanzibar

        Upon arriving in Zanzibar, a picturesque island known for its vast white sand beaches and its cultural melting-pot of African and Arabic culture, David is enchanted by the local people and their laid-back way of life. He meets a young business owner who builds houseboats and is gaining success...

      • 23:00
        War Inc.
        America's Great War (1917-18)

Costa Rica:  A tamandua.  This image is from Dead by Dawn. Photo of the day - 27 March 2019

27 MARCH 2019

Costa Rica: A tamandua. This image is from Dead by Dawn.

Love Productions USA/Devon Massyn

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We love to watch other people make a mess of things- preferably in spectacular fashion. "Science of Stupid" reveals through...


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