• Genius Picasso show

    Genius Picasso

    GENIUS: PICASSO stars Antonio Banderas in the titular role -- as one of the 20th century’s most influential and celebrated...

  • Year Million show

    Year Million

    What was once conceived as science fiction is now anchored in reality. Year Million, a new six-part documentary-drama series...

  • Terror in San Francisco show

    Terror in San Francisco

    Asiana Airlines Flight 214 slams into a seawall at San Francisco International Airport and investigators suspect a startling...

  • High Rise Catastrophe show

    High Rise Catastrophe

    En route to Tel Aviv, a sudden jolt rocks El Al Flight 1862 causing it to roll violently to the right and into an apartment...

  • The Secret Forest show

    The Secret Forest

    The Ussuriland wilderness extends from the deep Sikhote Alin forests to the fast-flowing Amur River. Two of the world's rarest...

  • Jaws of Death show

    Jaws of Death

    When a wounded lion is forced to give up its regular prey, it soon learns that humans are an easier catch. Plus, a baboon...

  • Call Of The Wild show

    Call Of The Wild

    More than half the world lives in urban environments, but some people are reaching back to the land and carving out lives in...

  • Lion's Den show

    Lion's Den

    The herd continues its trek and enters dangerous new terrain. Unarmed and far from a hospital, two tap-outs rock their...

  • Falling Apart show

    Falling Apart

    The herd increases pace to make up for lost time and low food. A doctor is called when a member falls ill, and rising tensions...

  • Coast of Giants show

    Coast of Giants

    The seas around Sri Lanka boast an incredible diversity of habitats, all of them full of life. Sri Lanka's seas tell us much...

  • From Swords To Spy Planes show

    From Swords To Spy Planes

    Revealing how ancient Chinese technology set the stage for high-tech military drones.

  • From Waterwheels To Megajets show

    From Waterwheels To Megajets

    Revealing the connection between waterwheels in medieval Europe and the technology used to build the Boeing 777.

  • Common Sense show

    Common Sense

    Is common sense all that common? Our mind-bending challenges show how the mental shortcuts we rely on can often lead us astray.

  • Left vs. Right show

    Left vs. Right

    Which side of your brain is in control? Our mind-bending challenges reveal how the two sides operate – and which side you...

  • Misconceptions show


    Do we really only use 10% of our brains? Through interactive games and fun experiments, we’ll reveal if size really does matter.

  • Imagination show


    We often associate imagination with creativity, but we don't always think about how important it is to our daily lives. Play...

  • Positive Thinking show

    Positive Thinking

    Research shows thinking positive is more than just a warm and fuzzy idea. We’re going to show you how thinking positive can...

  • Perspective show


    Whether it's light, shadow, distance, or sound, the way your brain perceives this information creates your unique perspective....

  • Animal vs. Human show

    Animal vs. Human

    It’s going to be heads vs. tails as we pit humans against animals in a series of unique competitions. And if you play along,...

  • Freak Encounter show

    Freak Encounter

    A selection of profoundly unpredictable incidents, from a trespassing bear and a quick-witted sea lion to a slippery serpent...