What is the real truth behind the enduring myth of the Yeti?

Some believe it is a giant ape-man, representing a fascinating evolutionary throwback. To others it is a God, possessing frightening, magical powers.

Since the term 'Abominable Snowman' was coined by western explorers in the 1920s, reported sightings of this elusive beast have become remarkably common.

And what makes these tales even more bizarre is that, thousands of miles away in the United States, they are replicated by the virtually identical story of Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

However, despite its worldwide fame, hard, conclusive evidence of the beast's existence has never been found.

Now, veteran explorer and climber Gerry Moffatt sets out to find proof in a hunt that will test his stamina.

Join him on a quest high into the Himalayas as he works to separate fact from fiction and find hard evidence that the legend is real. He...

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