Strap in for a death-defying flying experience as the planet's hardest pilots return to patrol the most dangerous skies in America in Alaska's Toughest Pilots.

Flying in Alaska is highly treacherous, but these avid aviators are prepared to run the risk to get around, have fun and even save lives.

Alaska's Toughest Pilots: Suicide Sled Race
It's not just racers who suffer on the Iron Dog, reputedly the world's toughest snowmobile race; their airborne support crews suffer too. Battling whiteouts, mechanical malfunctions, and icy winds, this is flying at its most deadly. Never mind who wins the race: will everyone get home safely?

Alaska's Toughest Pilots: Convict On Board
Being a bush pilot in the "Last Frontier" state means turning your hand to any job going. Whether it's guiding skiers, delivering post, protecting the state capital's main power line, or escorting a prisoner to jail, one...

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