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National Geographic ChannelNat Geo Wild
  • CAR S.O.S

  • Wednesday 4 March at 9:00PM
  • National Geographic Channel


We Brits have always had a love affair with cars, but when life gets in the way, sometimes things can get a little rusty

This is where the Car S.O.S team step in. 

Join the parts-blagging-petrol-head Tim Shaw (Fifth Gear) and master mechanic/musician Fuzz Townshend, as they join forces to rescue rusty classics from their garage prisons.

With some grease, graft, mechanical expertise and just a little tender loving care the Car S.O.Steam rescue Britain’s much loved classics and transform them inside and out.

In goes a dusty, tarnished mess and out comes a swanky, shiny new auto-mobile in all its former glory, then it’s time to hand the keys back to the shocked owner.
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When to watch

  1. Episode 3/ Phoenix Jeep
    March 4/ 5:00pm
    Set Reminder
  2. Episode 6/ Start the Dart
    March 4/ 9:00pm
    Set Reminder
  3. Episode 6/ Start the Dart
    March 5/ 1:00am
    Set Reminder