• When Grizzlies Attack show

      When Grizzlies Attack

      When Grizzlies Attack video from the Casey and Brutus: Grizzly Encounters series on Nat Geo WILD.

    • Yellowstone Spring show

      Yellowstone Spring

      Casey returns to his wildlife hot spots, while Brutus and the other creatures come out of hibernation.

    • Inside The Wolf Pack show

      Inside The Wolf Pack

      Casey ventures 'inside the pack' to create an intriguing profile of Yellowstone's apex predator.

    • Happy Birthday Brutus show

      Happy Birthday Brutus

      Didn’t you get the Facebook invite? It’s Brutus’ 8th birthday party!

    • Product Tester show

      Product Tester

      Grizzly who is hooked on human food is destroyed or removed - Brutus tests bear-proof products.

    • Brutus and Jake show

      Brutus and Jake

      The start of a beautiful relationship: Brutus and Jake meet for the very first time.

    • Diva Bear show

      Diva Bear

      Behind the scenes with a 900lb superstar on the set of “Pretty Ugly People”.

    • Gormet Grizzly Feast show

      Gormet Grizzly Feast

      Brutus tucks into his favourite food in a special training meal made up of 25,000 calories!

    • Grizzly Fishing Trip show

      Grizzly Fishing Trip

      Casey teaches Brutus how to catch fish grizzly style.

    • Gospal of Grizzly show

      Gospal of Grizzly

      See the amazing story of how Casey and Brutus met and grew up to become best friends.