In a doomsday scenario, the race is on to escape annihilation. 

If we had 75 years warning, would humankind be capable of evacuating the planet?

This programme examines how you could flee your home habitat: from building a 25km-long spaceship capable of travelling trillions of kilometres to deciding which unlucky souls get left behind.

Go with National Geographic Channel on a mission to Evacuate Earth.


  • Evacuate Earth: Zombie Earth
    Could an infectious disease really lead to a zombie apocalypse? Experts explain what might happen if humanity faced a deadly contagion.
  • Evacuate Earth
    The end of the world doesn't have to mean the end of mankind. CGI and interviews with experts explore how we could leave the Earth.
  • Evacuate Earth: Micro Monsters
    Do breakthroughs in technology bring new dangers to humanity? We examine this question by exploring the brave new world of nano-robotics.
  • Evacuate Earth: Flooded Earth
    A look at the terrifying consequences that flash floods and rising sea levels could have on the global population.
  • Evacuate Earth: Monster Storm
    What would life on Earth be like if the planet was ravaged by bizarre, deadly weather phenomena? Could humanity endure a neverending super storm?
  • Evacuate Earth: Hell On Earth
    What would happen if all of the world's volcanoes erupted at the same time? What impact would it have on life on Earth?
  • Evacuate Earth: Frozen Earth
    Find out what may happen if a strange force pulls Earth from its orbit around the sun and sends us drifting out into the cold darkness of space.