• Chimps show


  • Home Wrecking Hounds show

    Home Wrecking Hounds

    In the 150th episode of The Dog Whisperer, see how Cesar sorts out some possessive pooches.

  • Somali Pirates: Fighting Back show

    Somali Pirates: Fighting Back

    This one-hour special reveals the incredible events when an unarmed crew fought against Somali pirates to regain control of...

  • Night Shift show

    Night Shift

    Night Shift

  • Tracking Great Whites show

    Tracking Great Whites

    It takes brains, brawn and audacity to capture a great white.

  • UK's toughest cities show

    UK's toughest cities

    Take a trip to Glasgow Britain's deadliest city, the darkside of Liverpool and Manchester, aka 'Gunchester'.

  • Costa del Crime show

    Costa del Crime

    Images taken from the Costa Del Crime episode, part of the brand new Britain's Underworld series.

  • The Finder & the Hoard show

    The Finder & the Hoard

    See the hoard found by metal detecting enthusiast Terry Herbert.

  • Expedition Kodiak show

    Expedition Kodiak

    Trek to Alaska's Kodiak Island, where Casey gets knee-deep in grizzly life in order to teach Brutus the ways of his wild...

  • Grizzly Encounters show

    Grizzly Encounters

    How do you celebrate a grizzly bear’s birthday? With salmon-stuffed piñatas and a pack of party animals.

  • Ancient Chinese Tombs show

    Ancient Chinese Tombs

    Their over 2,000 years old - in this programme go inside ancient Chinese tombs to meet this nation's most important figureheads.

  • Ketamine show


    Ketamine is cheap, easy to get hold of and incredibly powerful.

  • Crack show


    This highly addictive drug fuels crime and violence like no other drug.

  • Addicted to the Drug Business show

    Addicted to the Drug Business

    In this business, there are a lot of people making money and taking advantage of drug addicts.

  • Traffickers, Addicts and DEA show

    Traffickers, Addicts and DEA

    Discover the crude reality behind one of the most dangerous and illicit businesses.

  • Meet Rocky show

    Meet Rocky

    Meet Rocky the Hollywood film star bear who's actions on 22 April 2008 changed his life forever.

  • Python Wars show

    Python Wars

    Images from the one-off special Giant Python Invasion on Nat Geo WILD.

  • Supreme Predators show

    Supreme Predators

    Flick through our selection of images of some of the animls featured in the World's Deadliest series on Nat Geo WILD.

  • Shocking Animal Deaths show

    Shocking Animal Deaths

    Captured moments of unexplained deaths of these creatures.

  • Deadliest Animals show

    Deadliest Animals

    These animals born to fight, bite and kill. Besides, in a world where the strong survive, these guys will do everything to...