• Royal Killer Plot show

    Royal Killer Plot

    Elizabeth 1: Killer Queen? photogallery.

  • Blood Red Rain show

    Blood Red Rain

    Villagers hear a sonic boom and wake to see blood red rain falling from the sky.

  • British X-Files show

    British X-Files

    Discover the surprising number of UFO sightings in the UK!

  • Freaky Animals show

    Freaky Animals

    In the animal kingdom, there's no shortage of bizarre behaviour. Take a look at some real freaky images of some weird and...

  • Planned Attack show

    Planned Attack

    Find out how the 2006 liquid bomb attack was thwarted.

  • Spider Terror show

    Spider Terror

    Go on an adventure in search of a giant eight-legged monster that's been terrorising local villages in the Amazon rainforest.

  • Cryptic Creatures show

    Cryptic Creatures

    Brave jungles and remote islands to track down animals so dangerous they think nothing of attacking, and killing, human prey.

  • Leathal Weapons show

    Leathal Weapons

    These animals have the perfect hunting tools.

  • In The Closet show

    In The Closet

    By day life is normal, by night they live out their fantasies.

  • Wild and Untamed show

    Wild and Untamed

    See photos of some of the most dramatic and surprising wildlife.

  • Dramatic Landscapes show

    Dramatic Landscapes

    See the epic landscapes that cameramen caught on film.

  • Toughest Fishermen show

    Toughest Fishermen

    Under the harshest weather conditions, these men will fight for getting the better fishing at the end of the day.

  • Devoted Apostles show

    Devoted Apostles

    A group of 12 common men sacrificed everything to spread Jesus' message.

  • High Stakes Living show

    High Stakes Living

    Cocaine, money, power and police are all part of this roller coaster ride for the King of Coke.

  • Dragon Fights show

    Dragon Fights

    Amazing computer generated dragon images from medieval times.

  • Survival Stories show

    Survival Stories

    The faces of those who have survived to tell their amazing story.

  • Meet the Orangutans show

    Meet the Orangutans

    It may take years, but Karmele and the team are working to release every orangutan, currently in baby and forest school, back...

  • Dirty Money show

    Dirty Money

    These Americans face the underground economy of crud, but they’re all cashing in big in the process!

  • Majestic Cabin show

    Majestic Cabin

    Tapping into the wildly popular tree house trend, we’ll show the elaborate process behind building a log home and the...

  • Warlords of Ivory Images show

    Warlords of Ivory Images

    Take a look at the war against the illegal ivory trade.