Be prepared to look at your fish supper in a whole new light, as we bring you face-to-face with the breathtaking underwater Goliaths that reign supreme over the planet's murky depths. Hooked: Monster Fishing shows intrepid anglers on the hunt for fierce freshwater flesh-eaters and features adrenaline-adventurers who thrive on titanic ocean battles.

Travel the globe to catch a glimpse at Beastly bass, killer catfish and the mighty goonch, all caught on camera and shown in all their awe-inspiring glory.

If you thought fishing was just a gentle way to pass a Sunday afternoon, think again.


  • Hooked: Monster Fishing: River Shark
    A famed marine biologist and an expert angler hunt for a deadly predator: the river-dwelling bull shark.
  • Hooked: Monster Fishing: Hazardous Catch
    Watch as man and fish collide in deep sea confrontations, as we travel to the one of most remote fishing grounds on earth.
  • Hooked: Monster Fishing: Squid Invasion
    Examining the advance of the Humboldt squid, as colonies of the creatures invade new territory in the northern Pacific. What threat do they pose?
  • Hooked: Monster Fishing: Nile Giant
    Follow intrepid biologists Justin Grubich and John Odenkirk on their journey through Egypt to tag and track the elusive and enormous Nile perch.
  • Hooked: Monster Fishing: Deadly Design
    Examining those sea creatures who arm themselves for attack, including an electric eel with charges as strong as tasers and the fearsome sawfish.