Man V Monster features British adventurer and filmmaker Richard Terry in his search for bloodthirsty beasts and creepy creatures.

Join him on quests to investigate monstrous legends in remote regions of the world. 

Looking to solve the mysteries behind the myths, he finds the remarkable and often terrifying animals that give rise to rumours of monsters.


  • Man V Monster: African Werewolf
    In Tanzania, a huge creature is dragging farmers to their deaths. Richard Terry looks into the rumours of a murderous shapeshifter.
  • Man V Monster: Man-Eating Menace
    In East India's remote mangrove forests, there have been an unusual number of tiger attacks on humans. Richard tries to find out why.
  • Man V Monster: Winged Assassin
    On isolated Indonesian islands, the locals talk of the 'Orang Bati', a flying creature which swoops on human prey. Richard Terry investigates.
  • Man V Monster: Mekong Flesh-Eater
    In Thailand, there have been a series of fearsome attacks on fishermen in shallow water. Richard seeks the gigantic creature responsible.
  • Man V Monster: Amazon River Beast
    Adventurer Richard Terry heads to South America in search of a fabled creature of immense size, responsible for brutal attacks on villagers.
  • Man V Monster: Brazilian Bigfoot
    Amazonian villagers describe a tall, shaggy beast called the mapinguari that attacks with little warning; Richard seeks it out.